They Something-Something At The Drive-Thru

Pennywise McDonald: “Anybody want a balloon?”

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Throwback (Dennis & Dada) Thursday: A Dog and His Boy


Picture taken January 7, 2018

It’s A Happy Hipsterversary!

From two tiny fuzzballs who loved to climb on things:


Who are now two somewhat larger fuzzballs who love to climb on things:


Please join us in wishing a happy second Gotcha Day to two of the cutest, hippest kitties ever!


The Painted Lady

Producer Smurf: “Smurf it out! We have arrived in Oregon! And there’s the Painted Lady!”
Chaplin: “Yay! Butterflies!”
Charlee: “What do you mean, ‘the’ painted lady?”

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Throwback (Dennis & Chaplin) Thursday: Ear Ear!

IMG_3055_20180629105744 copy_20180629111721_2018063062558_1200

Picture taken June 29, 2018

Oregon Trail

Producer Smurf: “All right, so, the first thing we have to smurf to smurf you to Oregon is to smurf out of the house.”
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Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Chin Rest


Picture taken June 1, 2018

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