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Charlee: “Hello, everyone! It’s us, The Oceanside Animals!”

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Throwback (Dennis, Trixie, & Saya) Thursday: Together Again, For The Last Time


Picture taken December 4, 2015

(Two days before another very bad day)

Throwback (Trixie & Saya) Thursday: A Shaded Spot To Rest


Picture taken December 2, 2015

(Four days before another very bad day.)

Throwback (Dennis) Thursday: Peekaboo


Picture taken September 2008

Troll Talk


Troll: “Hør, katt, jeg er mye større enn deg, så når jeg ber deg om å gjøre noe, bør du gjøre det.”*
Producer Smurf: “This isn’t smurfy! It isn’t smurfy at all! Get me out of here!”
Chaplin: “Why do you want us to get you out of your pants?”
Lulu: “So far this trip has been very informative about the differences between cats and trolls. Trolls are apparently much bigger than cats.”
Spicoli: “Good observation, dude. Have you learned any other differences between them?”

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Throwback (Tucker) Thursday: Let The Right One In


Picture taken August 2008

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