Wordless Wednesday: Please, Sir, May We Have Some Gruel?



Charlee: “Ooh, look at all the fluttery flags! I want one!”

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Classic Dennis: The Battle of Thanksgiving

This week, we present a repeat showing of a classic adventure starring Dennis, Tucker, Trixie, and Trouble. This series originally appeared back in 2009. Happy Thanksgiving!

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(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Did Too Catch A Bird

Or maybe it’s a tie-dyed mouse. I’m not really sure.


ICE Photographer: “We can’t see you.”
Charlee: “Sorry, just a second.”

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Where in the World are Charlee and Chaplin?

Lulu: “Have you seen the Hipsters? We were watching television and they disappeared on me.”
Mouse: “Not lately, but they’re cats. They could be anywhere. Did you look on top of the fireplace?”
Lulu: “Yes.”
Mouse: “In the cat tree?”
Lulu: “Yes.”
Mouse: “Under the armoire?”
Lulu: “Yes.”
Mouse: “In the litter box?”
Lulu: “Why, what have you heard?”

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