We Interrupt the Fictional Story of Chaplin Eating Something and Getting in Trouble with the Actual Story of Chaplin Eating Something and Getting in Trouble

Today’s regularly scheduled blog post will be appearing next week instead as our main character in this particular series, Chaplin, decided to demonstrate how accurate his characterization is by eating something he shouldn’t have and landing at the emergency vet. 🚨🚑 After Chaplin spent most of the day and evening in the vet, the final verdict (via ultrasound) was that there’s no blockage, and so surgery was (narrowly) avoided. But the weekend was definitely shot even more than most weekends are these days …

Tune in next week when the tale of the ice cream cup will continue!

The Ice Cream Cup Of Shame

Lulu: “Why are you wearing a Cone of Shame? Were you biting yourself or something?”
Chaplin: “It’s not a Cone of Shame. Cones of Shame are for dogs. It’s an ice cream cup with cat food smeared on the inside.”

Lulu: “All right, but why are you wearing it on your head?”
Chaplin: “Because I didn’t get all the cat food out of it yet.”

Lulu: “Doesn’t that make it hard to see? Aren’t you afraid you’ll bump into something?”
Chaplin: “No. I don’t need eyes and ears to find my way around. I have other preternatural cat senses.”
Lulu: “Such as?”
Chaplin: “Finely tuned and highly sensitive whiskers, for one.”

Lulu: “You do realize your finely tuned and highly sensitive whiskers are also inside the cup, right?”
Chaplin: “I said FOR ONE.”

Later …

Can You Describe The Ruckus?

Chaplin: “Hey Charlee, are there any birds outside?”
Charlee: “Yes, there are birds outside.”

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Bucket Head

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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day: All The In Memoriams

For Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day this year, I thought I would revisit all the “In Memoriam” posts from over the years of Dennis’s Diary of Destruction. There have, of course, been too many, but that’s the way it goes when your house is full of furry animals.

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