It’s The Sunday Awards And Meme Show Skipping A Meeting Edition!


Lulu: “Thanks for coming to this meeting. So the reason I called you here is to
discuss this thing from Facebook about economic relief for The Oceanside Animals. I don’t know how much money Facebook wants to give us, but I figure it must be enough to buy some new balloons for our friend the turtle. Now, knowing Facebook, in order to get the money we’ll probably have to answer some stupid quiz to figure out what kind of coffee bean we would be, but that’s … Hey, wait, where are Charlee and Chaplin?”

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Yes, We Have No Balloonas


Carpet Turtle: “That infernal lung-powered device of yours popped all my balloons, mammal.”
Lulu: “I know. Sorry.”

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Caturday Picture Show: Tell Me All About It


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(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: No Social Distancing

(Note addition of PVC pipe as brace in second photo)

It’s The Sunday Awards And Meme Show Furniture Moving Edition!


Lulu: “What’s this piece of furniture doing out here? It’s usually out in the garage.”
Charlee: “This is where the hosts sit for The Sunday Awards and Meme Show.”
Chaplin: “There’s an award this week, so we had Spicoli drag it out of the garage and put it here.”

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