Don’t Dump Your Dogs In The Canyon

Vizslas aren’t all that common and most people don’t know the breed. They are really sweet dogs that want nothing more than to run around like lunatics and then fall asleep in your lap. They also like to bring you toys, because they’re pointing and retrieving dogs. Back in their country of origin (Hungary) they serve as bed warmers as well as hunting companions. If you want a dog that you can keep in the yard, a vizsla isn’t it.

So there were these four vizslas, and they were wandering around in a canyon in Lake Elsinore, California.

Somebody found them and they ended up in the local humane society, and then some folks from the local vizsla rescue group discovered them there. We can only assume someone dumped them. The pack has now been split up, the animals going into foster care. We have one of them, with an advanced case of demodectic mange. We’ve been calling him “Dennis”, as in Dennis the Constitutional Peasant (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail), because my wife keeps calling him “old man” even though he’s not old. (Nor is he thirty-seven.) Indiana Jones was right; it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

We had two of the dogs for a few hours, while waiting for another foster parent to pick one up. They were both lovable and happy to give puppy kisses, even though (judging from their behavior) we don’t think either one has ever seen the inside of a house before. So this is just a message for the “person” who dumped these four vizslas in the canyon, even though that individual will probably never see this; I assume that he or she is too simian to operate a computer. But, on the off chance that the dog-dumper knows someone who knows someone who is capable of operating a computer, finding a blog, and reading it, I thought I would just say something nice and simple that even he or she could understand.

You suck.


29 thoughts on “Don’t Dump Your Dogs In The Canyon

  1. LOL … We didn’t know he was going to turn out to be a menace at the time, but things have worked out that way, haven’t they? Perhaps if we had named him something else, like “Sleepy” or “Kermit” (we considered that one because he has what my wife termed “frog feet”), things would have been different. 😉


  2. The fur on Dennis’s head has grown in more or less completely, so he’d look good in head shots for a modeling agency. His body is still quite patchy, but he’s getting a good layer of peach fuzz and his skin is much less red and scaly now. We’ve gotten a second opinion on his condition from our old veterinarian in San Diego, who thinks that the fur loss is probably due to a prior flea infestation (he didn’t have fleas when we got him because they dipped him at the shelter). We’ve also been kicking around the possibility that he has sebaceous adenitis, a chronic autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks the oil glands in the skin, eventually destroying them. This is an essentially cosmetic disease that can be well treated with baths and occasional lube jobs with baby oil.

    In any case, we think that in six to nine months he’ll look like a real vizsla, instead of a vizsla’s ne’er-do-well cousin from the wrong side of the tracks in Fleaville.

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    1. Sabaceous adenitis is what my Vizsla has and that’s what Ithought when I saw Dennis’ coat. Ours got really bad before we insisted the vet take a biopsy instead of saying everything was okay. His skin was like parchment. I changed vets later and was very vocal that the problem was the failure to pay attention. I can understand they don’t have all the answers, but we have specialists in town that could have treated this.

      I’m glad to see all these years later how handsome Dennis is!



  3. This is such a sad story. Vizslas are my favorite dog and I can’t wait to own my own. This makes me so mad that someone would treat these sweet dogs like this. They are a handful and have way too much energy sometimes, but that is what makes them wonderful. Thank you for taking over the care of one of them.


  4. You are absolutely right! They SUCK! I have three Vizslas and absolutely love them. How anyone could ‘dump’ them is beyond me. I would be heartbroken if something happened to mine. Dennis is very lucky to have found you. From all of us Vizsla lovers, thanks! But I am sure you get more love than you know what to do with from Dennis.


  5. O GAWD! Sombunny lefted you. Sombunny lefted me too. Goot thin we fowend some humans.

    You hav the leg’ndary testicularia! I had only hurd of dese tings! The Girl say I use ta hav em…



  6. oh my gosh! I didn’t know Dennis was a “rescue”! How awful….people like that make me really angry too! I’m so glad he found a good home.

    Jim says: Yeah, the poor little guy and his siblings were in pretty rough shape. I don’t know about the others but we doubt Dennis would’ve lasted another week out in the wilderness. We’re very happy to have him in our pack now!


  7. How could someone do this to such a precious creature? Sorry piece of crap, etc., etc…..

    Jim says: We’re pretty sure that we now know, at least in rough outline, how and why Dennis and the others ended up in that canyon, but I haven’t written about it because:

    1) We don’t absolutely know that our theory is correct; and
    2) If we’re wrong, posting the theory would likely be actionable

    I will say that if we’re correct, there’s no danger of the same thing being done to any other dogs, so you can breathe easier in that regard.


  8. You are good to rescue! mom found sprocket (one of the terrorists) dumped in a canyon when she was on a bike ride. he hardly had any hair either, fleas and ticks.


  9. All my puppies were, and are, rescues. The best doggie ever was a Vizsla mutt. You’re correct. You can’t keep them in the yard. Dennis is very lucky to have found such a loving home.


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