Rescue Dog Update

Here’s a little update on the four vizslas that were rescued last week from Lake Elsinore.

Male #1, “Jack”, is being fostered up in San Juan Capistrano. The female, “Jill”, is being adopted by her foster family in Chula Vista and will be moving out of state in a couple months. It’s believed that she has pneumonia so she’s on antibiotics for that. Male #2, “Eli”, is being fostered in Ramona and is doing fine. (Eli is one of the dogs that we had briefly.)

And finally, male #3, “Dennis”, is being adopted by us. He is getting over a bout of kennel cough, putting on weight and fur, and making himself right at home. He’s discovered these wonderful things called “toys”, which are a vizsla’s best friend, aside from people, couches, cheese, countertops, and other vizslas.

It sure beats wandering around in a canyon …


Dennis discovers that he is more than a match for a small stuffed gorilla

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