Day: November 29, 2007

you’re both losers

Tucker, i don’t sleep in bed because my fur is too thick and i would be hot. besides, beds are for HUMANS. you’re not a human, are you? (don’t try to deny you’re a dog. i’ve seen you eating poop.) you’d better stop trying… Continue Reading “you’re both losers”

i’m being defamed by a hillbilly

hello readers, this is Tucker the “other” vizsla. don’t be fooled by anything Dennis might tell you. he’s just some weird foster dog from the sticks. he can’t even spell or use punctuation. i’ve been trying to annoy him by licking him incessantly in… Continue Reading “i’m being defamed by a hillbilly”

whuts my brudders problem?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog again i wuz wundering abowt my brudder Tucker the other vizsla dog hes always wining and carrying on like wen mama is getting owr brekfast reddy he wines and paces and wont be kwiet until dada… Continue Reading “whuts my brudders problem?”

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