Well, now that Pooh Bear is gone, it didn’t take the mice long to move into the garage; this morning I found a half-eaten bag of oatmeal in the pantry out there. The mouse that ate it is going to be extremely regular for quite a while.

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hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

tonite i fownd owt we hav skunks in the nayborhud, isnt that grate??? i wuz owtside with my sister trixie the chow shepherd mix wen she took off running for the fens and the next thing i knew the air wuz full of the most punjent aroma i ever smeld and wen she came bak the smell wuz all over her if i had been walking along and i fownd sumthing that smeld like her i wood hav rolld arownd in it for shure

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hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well this krismas thing seems to be pretty ok at furst i wasnt sure why mama was giving me peeces of paper but then i saw my brudder tucker the other vizsla dog ripping the paper up and it turned out there were stuft toys inside so well if theres wun thing i know how to do its tear stuf up so i started ripping up the paper and I found a big bee hive full of bees inside not the kind that sting they were soft and skweeky so i carried the hive around for a wile becuz i was so prowd of myself for unrapping it

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Look, Geppetto, I’m A Real Live Vizsla

A couple of comments have asked about Dennis’s mange, and so I wanted to get a picture to show how nicely his fur is growing in. Unfortunately Dennis has decided he’s afraid of cameras. If he’s doing something cute and you even start to think about getting the camera, he detects this and flees like a drunken starlet in her Mercedes SUV on the run from the paparazzi.

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thoze wernt noodels

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

wel im bak from the vetnameez place and ther wernt enny noodels there insted mama left me with theez stranj peeple and a man in a wite kote and they put me in a krate for a while so wen they let me owt i tried to run away but i wuznt looking where i wuz going and i krashed hed first into a wall of kages and almost nocked myself owt so they kawt me agin but then they gave me sum stuff and it made me reel sleepy so i tuk a nice long nap and dreemed abowt taking the skweekers owt of toyz it wuz a nice dreem

mama kame and got me after i woke up and i was so happy to see her i gave her hugz and puppy nibbelz and i kept giving the man in the wite kote durty luks so he wood know hooz dog i reely wuz and it must hav wurked becuz they let me go home with her she had to giv them munny first tho i gess it wuz ransom or sumthing

ennyway i didnt get enny noodels but now im home nun the wurse off altho tucker the other vizsla dog keeps snikering at me i dont know why well its time to go i have to lik myself now ok bye

……….. eeeeeeyaaaaah, where did they go?!?!?!?!?!???!? sumbody de-skweeked me!!!!