the kitty went away

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

im not shoor whut hapend but pooh bear the kitty went away mama and dada took her to the vet and they wer gon a long time and now their bak but they dont hav pooh bear they just hav her kollar and an empty kitty carryer and they look reel sad

i didnt know pooh bear the kitty for vari long but i think she wuz a good kitty she wud always anser bak wen yoo tawked to her and she purd a lot and she sat on dadas lap most evry morning for sixteen yeers while he wood work on his books i think she was probly helping him with his gramar or sumthing

ok i feel gilty now i admit it it wuznt pooh bear and trouble the kitties who tore up the chase lounj

it was the gofers frum the yard


Pooh Bear, 1991 – 2007

13 thoughts on “the kitty went away

  1. Dennis – It would appear as though Pooh Bear has crossed the rainbow. But over the rainbow is a happy place. Pooh Bear has abundant sunshine to lay around and its warm all the time. There’s nothing but love across the rainbow. I know you will miss her terribly but time will help you remember all the love she gave and the things she taught you. Peace, Rocket


  2. Here’s the part of the story that Dennis doesn’t know.

    Pooh Bear started losing weight towards the end of November. We took her to the vet, who diagnosed a UTI and put her on antibiotics and pills to stimulate her appetite. A week later (on 12/1), she was very weak in the morning and her abdomen felt full of fluid. We rushed her to the vet and after a number of tests, they determined that the fluid was blood filling her abdominal cavity and pushing up into her thoracic cavity. An ultrasound detected a tumor on her liver. We didn’t have them open her up to make sure, but everyone strongly suspects that the tumor had started bleeding. She was too weak to take anesthetic, and in any case the prognosis for any cat in this condition was grim, especially a sixteen-year-old kitty. We made the decision to have her put to sleep. Once we made the decision, the vet said he was “more than 100% sure” it was the right thing to do. We stayed with her while she received the injection, and a week later got a nice keepsake of the kitty, which I might post a picture of eventually.

    12/1 was not a good day.


  3. Pooh Bear was a beautiful kitty. I never saw one that color. You had her/him 16 years and that is a lot of happiness he/she has given you. What a good mouser, even ’til the end.


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