Who’s The Smartest One Of All?

The evidence suggests that it’s Dennis.

  • The other night, Trixie was chewing on a Nylabone, and Dennis wanted it. He sat near her, not looking at her, and, while she was distracted by our guests, reached out one paw and slowly started trying to slide the bone away from her. (If dogs could whistle, he’d have been doing the look-away-and-whistle thing.) Trixie noticed this before long, put a paw on it, slid it back, and showed Dennis how big her teeth are. Round one to Trixie.
  • A day or two later, Trixie had the same bone. This time Dennis came up to Trixie, gave her the play bows, and enticed her into roughhousing. As soon as she responded, Dennis snatched the bone and took off. Round two to Dennis.
  • That evening, my wife and I were on the (remains of) the chaise lounge watching television, and Dennis was sleeping in his crate. My wife suggested I try to close the door of the crate to see how long Dennis would stay inside with the door closed. As soon as I got up and approached the crate, Dennis came out, jumped on the chaise, and settled into my nice warm spot next to Mommy. Round three to Dennis.

The winner: Dennis.

But he still has to eat dog food and poop outdoors.

One thought on “Who’s The Smartest One Of All?

  1. Yeah, but you have to clean it up!

    (( Enjoying reading some of your older posts. ))

    Jim says: Thanks for burrowing through the archives! 😉


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