Who’s Your Decorator?

So finally admitting defeat on the vertical blinds over the weekend, I removed the ones that were left. We didn’t have any curtains to hang and it was too late to go shopping, so we put up a couple of sheets over the valance rod to keep out the neighborhood Peeping Toms. (You know who you are.) Add some Ramen Pride noodles and it’s my college apartment all over again.

The next day we went to Wal-Mart to get cheap curtains, because if your dog is going to destroy something, it might as well be a $15.99 Made-In-China (now with extra melamine!) special. We were gone for about 40 minutes, during which time Dennis cooled his paws in the plastic crate — the first time he’s been crated while we were gone. I hung the curtains and we were once again safe from prying eyes.

That done, we went around the corner to our friends’ house for dinner. Dennis stayed uncrated. You see where this is going.

Coming back up the driveway after dinner, we had a good view straight into the house, because Dennis had already pulled down the new curtains. He didn’t destroy them (he only destroys the expensive stuff), so I put them back up. There they remained until the morning, when I was getting ready to go to work and noticed they were on the floor again. I put them back up, adding an extra support in the middle to resist puppy-tugs, and went to work.

The curtains were still standing at lunch time when my wife came home to check on the dogs. By the afternoon, Dennis had pulled the rod down on both ends, but the middle support held and the curtains more or less stayed up. I reattached the rod to the brackets and removed some green curtain thread from Dennis’s muzzle area (obviously planted by Tucker).

We’ll see what happens tomorrow …


Dorm Room Chic, AKA “Den Shui”

4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Decorator?

  1. I was sitting here at work and needed a mental break from my all the crap on my desk so I thought “hhmmmm, I’ll see what Dennis has been up to …..” After much laughing the boss had to come and see what was so funny. I told him I was taking a “mental break”. He looked at my computer screen and said, “GOOD GOD what did Rocket do?” I said, “Oh no! my Rocket would never do that! This blog belongs to Dennis.” The boss said, “Send me the link, I need a mental break too.” ……….. now he’s laughing hysterically in his office and I KNOW he’s reading the diary of distruction!


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