Plan C

So we’ve gone to “Plan C” … this is the plan where Dennis goes in his crate when we’re not home. As you know we’ve been working up to this, but what finally pushed us to implement it was Dennis’s attempt today to remove the cushions from our leather couch, also known as “the most expensive piece of furniture in the house since Dennis wrecked the leather chaise lounge”. He wasn’t quite able to pull off his crime today, as the cushions on the couch are attached with elastic so they just snapped back. Evidently he eventually gave up and contented himself with pulling down the curtains (again) and bending the rod into something resembling a couple of boomerangs. This bought him crate duty when my wife came home for lunch and discovered the wreckage. He stayed in the crate until the afternoon, then went in again when we went to our weekly lesson at the local Arthur Murray. Dog, crate, and furniture all survived intact.

Putting Dennis in the crate isn’t easy (he’s remarkably adept at escaping before you close the door) but the alternative is to not have any house left by the time he’s done being a puppy. Tomorrow morning I get to try it on my own before work. I hope it doesn’t end up with me somehow locked in the crate and Dennis running loose to tear up everything in sight …

“Okay, mom, you and Tucker can have the crate. And by the way, I’m not at all responsible for this fluff on the floor.”

One thought on “Plan C

  1. oh my goodness! you and your wife must be the two most patient people on the planet. dennis is lucky to have you two. and i think everybody will be happy once he is on a good crate schedule. once our dogs figured out that we gave them treats and food for staying in their crates, they go to their crates all the time now. good luck!


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