6 thoughts on “The Dog Exploded …

  1. Dennis popped his bedding (which wasn’t really a dog bed, it was an old ottoman, but we were using it because he had shredded all the dog beds) and the stuffing spilled out the front. You’re right, it DOES look like laundry detergent! Now he’s got a fleece in there … we’ll see how long that lasts!


  2. Oh my god Dennis what did you do? Careful or mom & dad will leave you in the crate with nothing or put a muzzle on you. I’m thinking Dennis has a bit of separation anxiety. Have you tried leaving a jazz/soft rock radio station on while you are away? Is there a doggie day care near you? Long term doggie day care or a dog walker could be much cheaper than whatever Dennis destroys. Just when I think I’m at the end of my rope with Rocket …… I read your blog. GOD BLESS YOU! You are saints.


  3. Thanks Rocket … we have tried leaving on a radio station that we listen to when we’re home. Not sure if it helps but we will continue to do it. It has been suggested that we’re *SOMETHING* for putting up with Dennis, but not necessarily saints. 😉


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