im going owt for noodels this week

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i herd mama and dada saying that this week they were taking me to the vetnamese res … rest … place to get noodels i never had vetnamese noodels but i like to eet most ennything so it will probly be gud rite?

i asked my brudder tucker abowt it an he sed yeah your getting noodels at the vetnamese place they took me owt for noodels wunce too let me no if yoo like them so then i asked my sister trixie and she jus shuk her hed and sed its pronownsd nootered lik em wile yoo got em becuz yoo wont have em much longer i gess she duznt know how to say noodels anyway i gess she meens lik the noodels they must hav sawce on them or sumthing!!!!

ennyway i am glad they ar taking me owt for dinner i didnt think most res … restaw … food places wood let dogs in not even vizslas i wil let yoo all no how the noodels tast ok i got to go lik myself so by for now

14 thoughts on “im going owt for noodels this week

  1. Hi Dennis! You get to go to a food place? You mean there are places you can go and they cook the food for you right there? Wow, my owner has been holding out on me. I am gonna ask him to take me to one!


  2. Hate to tell you this man but you’re not going out for noodles but you are going to get some really good drugs. Make sure mom & dad ask for the puppy seditives to relax you. They’re awsome. However a part of your anatomy will never be the same. Mama showerd me with gifts (felt guilty) and papa let me drink some of his beer(?).


  3. Dennis,

    Lucky you aren’t going to a Viet Namese Restaurant ‘cuz they won’t let dogs in the front door, but they will let you in the kitchen.

    I think you are going to the Vet’s to be neutered. If you want to know all about that, go to “Jonesy’s Story” on my blog.


  4. Sorry for the confusion Checkers … my wife told me I was being too obscure with this post so I went back and made it clearer what Dennis’s outing was going to be.

    Um … that is, I made *DENNIS* go back and clarify it. 😉


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