Look, Geppetto, I’m A Real Live Vizsla

A couple of comments have asked about Dennis’s mange, and so I wanted to get a picture to show how nicely his fur is growing in. Unfortunately Dennis has decided he’s afraid of cameras. If he’s doing something cute and you even start to think about getting the camera, he detects this and flees like a drunken starlet in her Mercedes SUV on the run from the paparazzi.

This makes it somewhat hard to get a decent shot of him; most of the recent ones are either pictures of the empty spot where he used to be, or of, say, his right rear foot, or his tail, or the back of his head. However, I did manage to get this picture. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?

By the way, given his history, you will probably be inclined to blame Dennis for that heap of clothes spilling out of the closet behind him.


Dennis Then

Dennis Now

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