hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well this krismas thing seems to be pretty ok at furst i wasnt sure why mama was giving me peeces of paper but then i saw my brudder tucker the other vizsla dog ripping the paper up and it turned out there were stuft toys inside so well if theres wun thing i know how to do its tear stuf up so i started ripping up the paper and I found a big bee hive full of bees inside not the kind that sting they were soft and skweeky so i carried the hive around for a wile becuz i was so prowd of myself for unrapping it

we dogs also got a kuple other skweek toyz and a flying skwirrel thing to chase and grammy and grampy sent us butter boxes to shred but those were for tucker i gess he likes butter boxes my sister trixie sez its becuz hes easily amused

im not sure what presents trouble the kitty got she just smaks me in the face with her paw whenever i try to tawk to her

ennyway like i said krismas seems to be pretty ok i got lots of presents but the best present of all i think is having a nice warm home with peeple who luv me even if haf their howse happened to get demolished just after i came along its just a weerd coinc … co … koinkidink reely

ennyway thats all for now merry krismas evrybody bye bye

I Think I’m Hyperventilating

Where’s The Honey?

You’re Never Too Old For Presents

… Tastes Like Chicken …

Santa Said He Wanted ME To Have It!

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