hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

tonite i fownd owt we hav skunks in the nayborhud, isnt that grate??? i wuz owtside with my sister trixie the chow shepherd mix wen she took off running for the fens and the next thing i knew the air wuz full of the most punjent aroma i ever smeld and wen she came bak the smell wuz all over her if i had been walking along and i fownd sumthing that smeld like her i wood hav rolld arownd in it for shure

i didnt get my own share of skunking becuz trixie hogd it all for herself and my brother tucker the other vizsla dog didnt get any either becuz he wuz in the howse wen it happend and he tried to run outside but he ran past dada and dada smelld the skunk and grabbd tuckers collar and stoppd him i could hear tucker howling inside the howse asking the skunk to spray him but dada woodnt let him owt poor tucker

mama and dada didnt seem to like the smell very much they put trixie in the bathtub and mixd up some stuff* and washed her with it and now she doesnt smell kwite as good ennymore i woodnt roll arownd in her now well ok i still wood just not as much as before

ennyway i am reely happy to know we got skunks i hope next time trixie doesnt cheet me owt of getting sprayd just becuz shes top dog she gets to keep all the skunking for herself its reely not very fair but oh well thats how it is wen your a dog isnt it

“But … YOU get to wear cologne!”

*This de-skunking recipe is from Dexter’s Deli and works very well.

4 thoughts on “skunkalishus

  1. Whew! Dennis, I know you were pretty happy to be smellin’ all those new smells, but I bet you dada was dying from that smell. Once in awhile we get a skunk in my neighborhood, but luckily it has sprayed someone else.


  2. Oh poor Trixie! That smell is just too inviting to us dogs. Mom hit one with her truck one time and when she parked the truck in the garage I could smell it and I fell in love with her truck until she parked it outside then she wouldn’t let me sit out there ’cause there’s no “containment area” in the driveway. I asked her why I needed to be “containted” and she just laughed at me!


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