Well, now that Pooh Bear is gone, it didn’t take the mice long to move into the garage; this morning I found a half-eaten bag of oatmeal in the pantry out there. The mouse that ate it is going to be extremely regular for quite a while.

Pooh Bear used to hang out in the rafters, which discouraged rodents from running around up there. The remaining cat, Trouble, is far too sedate to be bothered with chasing critters around. (This isn’t because Trouble is old; it’s because Trouble is lazy. When she was a much younger cat, we actually watched a mouse run across Trouble’s paws while Trouble watched, and she didn’t even bat at it. Pooh Bear, on the other hand, chased it all around the room.)

Time to get a farm kitty…

“I’m taller than you.”

“Mouse? What mouse? Does it come in a can?”

6 thoughts on “Meeses

  1. On second thought …. maybe just put Dennis in the garage. He’s always looking for something to play with. But then again …. how much redecorating does the garage need?


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