Constipated Kitty

So we still don’t have a definite on what’s causing Trouble to have her “senior moments” where she spaces out and lets the dogs sniff her, but the vet thinks she knows why the cat is walking funny: X-rays have revealed that Trouble is a bit, um, backed up, including with what looks like a large hairball. So she’s now on medication to take care of that. The first day, the meds seemed to make her more uncomfortable–she was meowing quite a lot–but today she’s purring again and eating a bit more food, and there are a couple of hard-looking deposits in the bank, if you know what I mean. (And you do.) No hairball yet though.

Maybe the rat was stealing oatmeal so she could brew up a nice bowl to help keep the kitty regular …

i am not a mutt

i would just like to say that i am not a “mutt” contrary to what you may have just read. i am a cosmopolitan dog. there was a man at the vet’s office who thought i was a belgian tervuren. i’m not, but maybe my aunt sally was. i don’t believe in labels anyway. besides, dennis and tucker just look like little red weimaraners, if you ask me.

— trixie the cosmopolitan dog

“Papers? I don’t need papers to be a pretty girl.”

poor kitty

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well trouble the kitty seemd to be getting bettr at furst but now lately shes been wandring arownd the howse like shes lost or sumthing and she still lets me lik her wich is fun but weerd and shes not eeting all that much even when theres fish heds in the food mama calld the vetnamese place agin yesterday to find owt what els they can do for trouble like asprin dosage or ennything i no their worreed dada sed sumthing like he didnt need to have this happning agin so soon but trouble is just as old as pooh bear was i gess this is whut happens wen yore animals are the same age ennyway i am just a puppy so dont worry about me ill be heer for a gud long time ok i got to go play with trixie the mutt now so bye