Dennis’s Diary of Destruction

So it’s been a while since I posted any actual destruction here on Dennis’s Diary of Destruction … now that he’s crated while we’re gone, his opportunities for mischief are greatly reduced. Still, this week he managed to chew up a couple of things:

  • A copy of Tastes of Italia, because any magazine with that many great Italian recipes in it must taste pretty good itself. (He’s actually still trying to steal that issue off the desk as I type this.)
  • A pen. He was probably planning to write a letter to The Honest Kitchen apologizing for the “Green … Stuff” post.
  • My wife’s slippers. Now, this is nothing unusual for Dennis, but these particular slippers are ones that she lost a while ago. I just found them yesterday under the bed, while I was flipping the mattress. I retrieved them, washed them, and put them on my wife’s feet still (warm from the dryer) while she was snoozing on the remains of the chaise lounge. The very next morning, Dennis chewed them up.

One thought on “Dennis’s Diary of Destruction

  1. Dennis my man … one of these days! You better be careful.

    While sorting laundry the other day Rocket snatched my Victoria Secret bra ……. he came within an inch of his life!!! that naughty behaviour earned him a serious “time out” at the “bad boy” leash post at the base of the stairs.


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