no pet rat :-(

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well i gess i wont be getting a littl rat frend ennytime soon today dada found the rat in a trap on the floor in the garaj it was the trap from one of the beems in the seeling where pooh bear used to walk now the rat was using them to get arownd like an elevatd sidewawk its pretty neet to be able to wawk in the rafters ill have to see if i can get up there sumtime ennyway dada put the rat in the trash he didnt even let me lik it a littl bit oh well maybe next time ill find the rat on the floor before dada duz i just hav to be kwiker than him ok thats it for now bye bye

4 thoughts on “no pet rat :-(

  1. Sorry to hear you won’t have a pet. Just think, with all that extra time on your hands you will be able to spend more time tormenting Trixie and Tucker ….. well ….. when you’re not crated.


  2. So, Mickey’s gone, huh? Maybe there’s more in the garage, you know how they multiply.

    Hey, Dennis

    If you stop by my blog, you will see that I have a “present” for you! 🙂


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