the rat did it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog

something weerd iz happning to trouble the kitty last nite she wuz staggring arownd the howse like she didnt no where she wuz she had her tale down insted of strait up like normal she almost fell down a kupl of times she wuznt making a sownd and weerdest of all she let me sniff her withowt hissing or smaking me and she even let tucker the other vizsla dog lik her on the face

i dont no whuts rong with her i thawt the rat mite hav slipt her a mickey befor the trap got him but i herd mama and dada tawking and they sed she had a stroak i dont no why thats bad i like stroak espeshly on my eers and showldrs but maybe its diffrent for kitties ennyway mama and dada wer suppozd to go owt last nite but insted they stayd home and trouble the kitty slept on dadas lap for a kupl of owrs wich is also weerd becuz she usualy likes to sleep on the bak of the kowch

today she seemz more like normal she pulld away when i tried to snif her and she ate her stinky brekfast and her tale is strait up agin and shes not staggering so much but mama and dada sed trouble is going to the vetnamese place today i wood tell her to watch owt for the guy in the wite kote but i dont speak kitty ennyway i hope she gets bettr soon i like having kitties arownd even if they do think their bettr than me ok bye

The Kitty ICU

11 thoughts on “the rat did it

  1. Demnis, I hope trouble is okay. You just lost a little kitty friend not too long ago. I know you don’t care, but just think of how sad your mama and dada was. Give them licks to cheer them up, and let us know how Trouble is doing.


  2. Hi Dennis – I hope your kitty kat is ok. I know mama & papa will take good care of her. Be patient and kind like she was with you when you suddenly showed up. All our best for a speedy recovery. Rocket & family


  3. hello nice reederz thanx for asking abowt trouble the kitty she is getting bettr yesterday she was meowing and wawking arownd a bit and today she was reely noisy asking for her brekfast and she wuz jumping like normal and she wanted to chek owt of the kitty icu so i think she is going to be ok i herd mama and dada say the vetnamese peepl tuk sum blud to do tests on it i dont no why they need to test her blud i cood tel them shes a kitty cat if they just askd me oh well peepl are funny

    my grammy is a nurs and she sed it sownds like a TIA so maybe that wuz it i gess well see whut happenz


  4. Dennis,

    If trouble had TIA maybe the vet can put her on some “kitty asperine”. I take baby asperine to prevent strokes (and I am not a baby). Keep us posted on the vet’s findings.


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