6 thoughts on “can you tell im waring a rug?

  1. Dennis, It’s good to see that your coat is filing in. I fostered uour brother Eli. He has gained about 10-15 lbs and is living with a lady and a German Shepherd in RB. They make sure he is taken care of. Apparently your clothes fetish runs in the family. Let me know if you would like to see a recent picture of him.


  2. I think Dennis needs a day on the beach with lots of sun to soak up that Vitamin D. That’s good for your skin and mental health. Just toss on some shades and some suntan oil …. sunshine makes everything grow better! Can you tell I’m thinking of warm weather? Since it was 12F here and the wind chill is -4F with wind gusts up to 25mph ….. I’d rather be someplace warm. At least dad dropped me off at day care yesterday so I got to romp inside. Cheers, Rocket


  3. Hi Mary! We would love to see a recent picture of Eli. The last ones we saw looked like he was settling in really well. If you’re ever in Oceanside, you’re welcome to stop by and visit Dennis in person. Just don’t leave your shoes where he can get them! 😉


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