It’s A Little Windy

So here in sunny California, something has been happening lately … I think it’s called “weather” and I vaguely remember it from when we lived in New York. For once, we can’t blame the destruction on Dennis. Unless ……..

First, Dennis rigs up a large branch to fall in our front yard, so that we’ll go out and look at it …

… and he arranges for the tree across the street to fall over, so we’ll stare at that when we go out front …

… so that we won’t notice the fence that he knocked over in the back yard!

5 thoughts on “It’s A Little Windy

  1. That fence looks exactly like my back yard fence. It has blown down twice. Thank goodness your house doesn’t look like the house across the street.

    I bought some Green Stuff for the dogs last week. Jonesy and Sissy snarf it up. The jury is still out on that one for Tinky. I guess it’s all that alfalfa. They all smell like cows. I even think the methane count has gone up since they have been eating that stuff.


  2. Green Stuff is all fresh, so it may take your dogs’ digestive system a little while to adjust to it, just like when we eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. You could try adding a tiny touch of enzymes to it, or just see if their systems adapt. Enzymes added too quickly can cause the runs. Glad to hear Jonesy and Sissy are enjoying their meals!


  3. If Dennis is behind all the wind and tree debris then maybe he has special powers he’s not yet tapped into. Sounds like he’s the Harry Potter of the Vizsla kingdom. If I were you, I would be giving him some extra lovin and snuggles. Cheers, Rocket’s Mom


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