Constipated Kitty

So we still don’t have a definite on what’s causing Trouble to have her “senior moments” where she spaces out and lets the dogs sniff her, but the vet thinks she knows why the cat is walking funny: X-rays have revealed that Trouble is a bit, um, backed up, including with what looks like a large hairball. So she’s now on medication to take care of that. The first day, the meds seemed to make her more uncomfortable–she was meowing quite a lot–but today she’s purring again and eating a bit more food, and there are a couple of hard-looking deposits in the bank, if you know what I mean. (And you do.) No hairball yet though.

Maybe the rat was stealing oatmeal so she could brew up a nice bowl to help keep the kitty regular …

7 thoughts on “Constipated Kitty

  1. That sounds logical. All that sewage backing up on the brain would make anyone wander around all spaced out.

    Sounds like kitty is getting better. Keep us posted.


  2. Thanks everybody. We’re hoping this will go a long way toward making Trouble more like her old self again. Our new vet thinks Trouble is the most mellow cat she’s ever seen, but that’s only because she didn’t meet the kitty two or three months ago! 😉


  3. Hi Diane, thanks for your comment! Lately Trouble has been getting Kahoots store-brand canned food. Kahoots is a small local chain that seems to be trying to be the Trader Joe’s of pet stores. Trouble seems to like the shredded tuna flavors the best, which are quite wet. We’ve avoided most of the major brands of pet food since the melamine and aflatoxin stories broke.


  4. Yep, a sewage back up will for sure make anyone act funny. Sure hope everything works its way out the appropriate end. Trouble needs to stick around and smack Dennis around to keep him in line.

    By the way Dennis’ fur is looking real good in that “rug” picture. Glad to hear we are not the only ones who have opted for different foods for our kid too. After all that food recall junk we got ourselves educated as well. The garage fridge has half a shelf dedicated to Rocket and we purchased a freezer for the garage so we could buy meat in bulk. Raw turkey necks really help keep the tarter away.


  5. hello rocket thanks for the nice comment about my fur so do yoo tink maybe i dont need to ware a rug at all ennymore i hope your rite becuz it gets a litl itchy sumtimes ok bye


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