Dennis vs. Fiesta Island: The Return

So we took Dennis, Tucker, and Trixie back to Fiesta Island today, for the first time since the “oh my God you’re trying to dump me” incident in November. This time, Dennis did not take off running for the parking lot. Instead he went exploring up and down the beach with Trixie, greeted other dogs, and got up a good game of chase with Tucker.

Tucker recently began taking thyroid medication, because he had become quite lethargic over the last six to eight months, sleeping even more than dogs usually sleep (like, 23 hours a day instead of 20). We had sort of resigned ourselves that he was moving into old age, but then I noticed he had begun having muscle tremors or spasms across his entire body. This was the key symptom that got us onto Google, which led us to suspect his thyroid. Testing confirmed that his thyroid levels were low. The medicine, Soloxine, has improved his energy level, but the dosage is still being adjusted and so he doesn’t yet have the steam to cover the entire island like he used to. We’re hopeful that someday we’ll make it all the way around the island without having to carry Tucker back to the car. Still, he managed to outmaneuver Dennis pretty thoroughly before he got tired.

“You may be younger, but I’m still faster.”

2 thoughts on “Dennis vs. Fiesta Island: The Return

  1. Nice moves TUCKER! I hope the meds work for you so you can get back to your usual antics and have races with Dennis & Trixie around the island. That island looks like fun. Especially today ’cause the wind chill is -10F here in Michigan! Too cold for a V to be out rompin around.

    Tucker says: Brrrr! I remember days like that!


  2. They’re so cute together. Trixie acts like she could care less what they’re up to.

    Trixie says: when you’re the top dog, you can’t concern yourself with what the little people are doing. 😉


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