Snow Puppy

This one’s for Rocket, stuck inside because of -10 degree weather. Poor Rocket!

Although Tucker is now a Southern California dog, he is (as Dennis mentioned) actually Canadian. We met his breeder halfway, in Watertown, NY, on a blustery winter* day in 1998 to pick up this little ball of red fur:

“Come back later. I’m sleepy.”

We would dig him a path so he could go do his business without being up to his, um, goodies in snow. This is an aerial shot from our private helicopter. (Okay, it was actually from the loft shooting down toward the back yard.)

“Okay I’m done, back to the house now!!!”

Tucker never liked the cold much, but when we would have a thaw, he would go out in the woods in our back yard and go exploring, or just running like a lunatic:

“Will you PLEASE get the lead out?”

Front wheel drive

The Elvis Sneer: Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Pup

Four-Wheel Drive

Sometimes he would scare himself and think he saw something in the woods that wasn’t there:

“What the hell is THAT thing?”

* In Watertown, winter starts in September and ends in June.

3 thoughts on “Snow Puppy

  1. Tucker is so sweet too. Is he as “busy” as Dennis?

    Jim says: He used to be. He spent his first year or so in the crate before settling down enough to be trusted outside of it. After that, he had an extended puppyhood that probably lasted until he was five or six, when he started to settle down. Now he mostly likes to watch as Dennis and Trixie rough-house.


  2. Hey Tuck! Thanks for the special shout out on your blog. You’re so coool! LOVED all those pictures. What a handsome fella you are. When we brought Rocket home there was not much snow on the ground but it was cold and very wet! So when Rocket would squat his lower unit would end up in an icy cold puddle! We’re wondering if that’s why he despises going out in the rain to this day. The temp here today was 1F and the wind chill factor -17F. It’s too cold for bundled up humans! Rocket has a horrible case of cabin fever so I dropped him off at day care on my way to work. He went balistic in the back of my SUV when I pulled into the parking lot and he realized where he was spending his day!


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