No Corn, Except For The Corn

So my wife (used to) feed the dogs Canidae canned food, which is supposed to have all sorts of high-quality ingredients. Corn isn’t one of them. So what’s this big, hard, uncooked kernel of corn doing in there?


What’s the big deal, you say? I eat corn all the time, you say? Dogs eat their own poop so who cares about corn, you say? All true, but still, one does have to wonder what sort of quality control they have, when a significant foreign object like this gets into the food. Fortunately none of our dogs is allergic to corn, but what else might have sneaked in that we didn’t find? And while corn, even hard, shriveled corn, is technically a food item, not all corn is created equal; let’s not forget that it was corn that carried aflatoxin in one of the innumerable pet food recalls of recent years.

One theory that sounds plausible is that the manufacturer uses corn kernels to clean the machinery; if that’s the case, they might need to clean the machinery a little better after they clean the machinery.  Another theory is that my wife accidentally bought the new “Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popping Corn” variety of Canidae. Hey, hon, you have to microwave it first!

A Google search reveals that we’re not the only ones to find interesting things in Canidae food. My wife has contacted Canidae about this issue, but they haven’t responded yet; another Google search reveals that we’re not the only ones to experience that, either. Canidae, we’re waiting …

7 thoughts on “No Corn, Except For The Corn

  1. I wuf my Blue Buffalo canned dog food! It’s yummy. But it’s the turkey necks, chicken and cornish hen I get to eat that’s the best! Glad you wrote about this. Thanks for the heads up.


  2. My wife called Canidae today and got a person, and they said (this is not verbatim): “Our suppliers ship large quantities of grain in the trucks, these trucks carry different kinds of grains, so probably a few pieces of corn got left behind in the truck and mixed in with the rice.” So, the food isn’t supposed to have corn in it, but evidently it’s okay with Canidae if the corn gets in there by accident. I guess we’re lucky the truck wasn’t also carrying rocks or explosives or broken glass or mice or crayons or …

    Unreassured, my wife will be keeping the dogs on Wellness for a while.


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