4 thoughts on “The Dog Won’t Cooperate

  1. Does Lakse Kronch smell better than that Green Stuff?

    If that is Dennis, he sure looks better than when you first got him. His coat is beutiful. Looks like you are going to have to give in to his demands if you want him to cooperate.

    Dennis says: yes thats me thanks abowt my kote its from goochi ennyway i think lakse kronch smels grate but dada washes his hands evry time he tuches it and even then his fingers stil smel like fish for owrs its grate stuf ok bye


  2. perhaps he’s saving his theatrics for when the writers strike official ends?

    or maybe he just needs a couple seconds to locate his “inner muse”….

    Jim says: That’s funny, I almost had him saying he refused to cross the writers’ picket line. You read my mind!


  3. Lakse Kronch sounds good. I’ll have mom look up where to get that stuff! The more it smells the better.

    As for the performance ……. I wouldn’t take anything less than 1 fryer chicken, 2 cornish hens, 4 turkey necks and 5 lbs of tripe and oh yeah that trailer things sounds good too!


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