i want wun of these

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i want a rat like this one this is feathers she was mama and dadas pet rat before they got the kitties then the rat had to go liv with grammy and grampy becuz the cats wood eet her well maybe pooh bear wood eet her trouble couldnt be botherd catching a rat unless it came in a can ennyway i gess rats dont liv very long and evrywun was very sad when feathers went away and thats why grammy and grampy never got another wun but maybe sumday i can have wun as long as mama and dada dont find out ok bye


“I hate this show. Put on PBS.”


Feathers the Rat, 1991 – 1993

6 thoughts on “i want wun of these

  1. We won’t tell Mama and Daddy if you get one. Are you sure it wouldn’t be a “squeaky toy” if you got hold of it?

    Dennis says: oh no no no i wont skweek it at all well maybe a littl but mostly ill just let it ride arownd on my hed honest!


  2. Hey Dennis,

    Maybe you can get your daddy to get you something from this website! There’s a few fur toys that resemble rats like the Coontail with Short Handle and The Chubby Hopper. I’m ordering Loki one as soon as we get daddy’s approval. He says that I buy too many toys for Loki =(


  3. my momma used to have pet rets too! she had 5 different ones. It made her sad cuz they only live a couple years, so she decided no more ratties!

    Dennis says: hello daisy yes thats why mama and dada havnt gottin anuther rat eether altho they still think rats are soooo kyoot almost as kyoot as me ok bye


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