The Name’s Bond. Dennis Bond.

Diane: “Oh, Sam, this may be a silly question. But you don’t have a velvet smoking jacket, do you?”
Sam: “Hey, come on. I’m smoking in any jacket.”

So Dennis has been taking agility classes on Wednesday evenings. The classes are at 8pm and it gets chilly in the evening out there in the wilds of California, so my wife decided Dennis needed a coat. (Quote: “He does need a coat. Even his instructor said so!”) But not just any coat would do, not for a sophisticated boy like Dennis. After scouring the Internet, she decided on a Polartec jacket manufactured by Obtrack, and sold in the U.S. by a company called Clean Run. After a few shipping incidents (California is not in Virginia … who knew?), the jacket finally arrived, and it fits Dennis like a glove. It should–the coat comes in 27 sizes and you have to measure your dog in various ways to determine the correct size. Now Dennis is stylin’ in his new threads.

Ninja Dog, Ninja Dog, does whatever a Ninja Dog does …

“Does this make me look too skinny?”

I think I need a wardrobe upgrade in order to be seen with him …

13 thoughts on “The Name’s Bond. Dennis Bond.

  1. first of all, very dapper. next, i didn’t know dennis was doing agility? does he like it? cody bear loves it,…but we’re both quite horrible at it! his favorite equipment so far is the tunnel and the a-frame….and the hurdles.


  2. Dennis has had two foundation agility classes so far. I decided to sign him up to help increase his confidence and so he’d have a job to do. He likes to learn new things. I want him to know that when Mom tells him something is okay, he can trust that it really is okay and he can proceed with confidence.

    On the first day, Dennis was introduced to the tunnel. He was nervous about it, but managed to put his head inside and two paws, so he got lots of liverwurst for that! The second class I had the teacher hold him while I went to the other side of the tunnel to call him in. He wasn’t too keen on the teacher holding him until she produced home-made fish cookies out of her pocket, and then he was ok with it. As soon as he looked through the tunnel, he came running to me, so that was an improvement over last week.

    He was introduced to the tire jump this week, and he was fine with it. He seemed overall a bit more at ease in his second class, and he was really focused on me. I think he’s going to enjoy agility. I don’t expect him to win any speed trials as he has hare feet that toe out, but I think he’ll eventually learn well enough to have a clean run.

    The instructor has us work on exercises at home such as having him become comfortable walking on either the left or right side of me. He also practices “touch” with my hand, so he learns to follow where I point. He even has learned a doggie pilates move where he sits up and begs (to increase core strength).

    The only thing is, all the dogs want to work, so they all practice Dennis’s agility exercises at home.


  3. Dennis, you look very svelt in your new suit. Mama & Dada are very good to you and we’re looking forward to meeting you next month. Who knows what you’ll be doing by then?


  4. Dennis, I am impressed! You look great. I am not going to show Jonesy. Then he’ll want one (he is always cold).

    Good luck on your agility classes. I know that it will spend a lot of your energy and you won’t have the strength to chew up the chaise or even think of owning a rat.

    Good job mama and dada.


  5. Pee Ess,

    Put a little John Legend, Corrine Bailey Rae and some Michael Buble in your list of hits for Dennis to listen to. 🙂

    Jim says: We’ll put on some Michael Buble when it’s time to foxtrot, but we don’t have any John Legend or Corrine Bailey Rae. 😦


  6. that is so great that you are doing that with dennis. it is a great confidence builder! i don’t think cody bear will love the tired jump, but maybe he will surprise me. we haven’t been on all the equipment yet….we’re still beginners!

    i hope you update us on his agility from time to time.


  7. Dennis you are truly smokin in that jacket. You’re as smooth as Mel Torme dude! Mom got us a beginners guide to agility book. Since I can’t read she says she’s going to ‘read up’ while she’s ‘laid up’ after foot surgery on the 25th. I don’t know what’s wrong with her paws but sometimes she’s gimpy. I’m looking forward to starting agility myself. Mom says I “need a job”. I’m only 13 months old! Why do I need a job?


  8. Hi! I’m Kylie I found your blog off of 4urpets site. You look very handsom on your new coat! I am beggin’ Mom to sign me up for agility so hopefully this spring/summer I will be taking classes too! I will have to email you for tips. I already have a tunnel in my play room, and I can do the balance beam and a jump. I liked to do the see-saw at my trainers house too. Good luck in your class and be sure to check ouy my blog!

    Dennis says: hi kylie thanx for the com … complim … saying i look handsum i cant find your blog thow come bak and tel me where it is ok bye!


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