Mr. Green Feets

So here’s a shot of Dennis relaxing on the chaise lounge (pre-repair) after a long day of doing doggie things. The astute observer will notice that the bottoms of his feet are a lovely shade of green. Can you guess why? Take the quiz!

A) Dennis’s transformation from his alter ego, “The Incredible Hulk”, remains incomplete.
B) Dennis’s St. Patrick’s Day makeup hasn’t fully worn off yet
C) Dennis is a punk rocker
D) Dennis has worn himself out playing fetch on newly-mown grass in the back yard
E) Dennis is a leprechaun
F) Dennis is half alien (think Burt’s baby on Soap)
G) He’s been standing in Green Stuff
H) All of the above

the chase lounj strikes bak

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i dont no wot happend but suddnly the chase lounj has been fiksed it has a noo pillo on it that is almost just like the wun that i um i meen that i cawt the gofers from the yard taring up i dont no how this happend but hmm i did see mama give auntie sum fabrik that lukked like this and then auntie tuk all the old stufing that i um i meen that the gofers pulld out and then auntie was runing the sowing mashine in her room hmm wot can this meen???

hang on i hav to lik myself i always think better wen i do that

hay i think auntie made the pillo i noo she was up to sumthing!!!

yoo may have wun this rownd, chase lounj, but we will see hoo laffs last!

home alone

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog last nite mama and dada went owt to a place calld the arther murry stoodyo for dans lessens they go there evry week and yoosully i go in my krate well this time i didnt go in my krate insted those three howsgests grammy grampy and auntie stayd home with me it was verry verry weerd beeing home withowt mama and dada arownd i didnt no what to do so first i wood bark at auntie then i wood wine then i wood pase arownd the living room and wine sum mor then i wood go to the windo to look for there kar then i wood bark at auntie again becuz i wuz pretty shoor it was her fawlt mama and dada wernt home finally mama and dada came bak and reskewed me and i wuz happy agin i thawt maybe auntie had disposd of them sumhow but i wuz wrong ………. for now

i gess it was gud to be owt of my krate with grammy grampy and auntie they arnt so bad they play fetch with me and giv me treets and the kitchn smells yummi when they are working in it but stil i wood rather hav mama and dada home with me these other peepel seem a little shifty espeshly that socalled auntie we will see if they are reely as nice as evryone sez they are ok bye

im falsly acused (again)

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog thank yoo goodbear for seeing thru that hedjhogs reediclus story it didnt happn that way at all first wen we were at the store the hedjhog praktickly begd me to take him home he jumpd off the rack rite into my mowth so of kors we tuk him sekond wuns we got him home it turnd owt he was a ninja hedjhog sent to get me in trubble wile mamas bak was turnd he took owt this littel tiny ninja sord and started poking holes in the sofa pillos well i didnt want to get blamed for that since i still get blamed for wut happend to the chayse lounj even tho it was the gofers from the yard hoo did it so i tried to stop him but hes a ninja and reely fast and sneeky i had to persoo him all arownd the howse and owt into the yard and bak into the howse and finally he got tired becuz not even a ninja has mor enerjy than a vizsla and i was able to katch him then ther was a terrifik fite wich i wun and that is the troo story of how the hedjhog lost his nose i dont no and never herd of the toy liberation front i think the hedjhog is making them up ennyway he wasnt reskewed mama thru him in the trash and he probly sneeked away before the garbaj man picked him up ok bye

ps hey duz ennybody no how to yooze a tiny ninja sord to pik the lok on a krate?