a skolarly treetis on flying toyz

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog ther have ben sum roomers in the past that im a kuntry bumkin so to disproov them i hav ben wurking on an artikl abowt the flying toyz i like to chase this wil be a sientifikly sownd and wel resurchd peer-revyood artikl by wich i meen tucker and trixie will luk at it ok heer goze

i hav three (3) toyz that i like to chase in the bakyard heer they ar oh wate thats for toyz ok i have for (4) toyz i like to chase:

figger wun (1): all my sweet sweet toyz having a rest

as yoo can see the toyz are all diffrent shayps and colors and are made owt of different material thats how we can tel that their not all the same toy becuz if they wer all the same toy they wood look the same and their wood only be one (1) of them ok now lets look at eech toy ind … individj … wun at a time heer goes

figger too (2): big fuzzy fleecy yello sukky man toy

this toy is whut we call a “sukky man” becuz tucker likes to suk on the armz legz and/or hed while sitting on mamas lap (or dadas lap if mamas lap is unavaylabl) it is not reely a flying toy but sumtimes i like to chase it ennyway heer are its pros and cons


  • fuzzy
  • fleecy
  • yello
  • yoosually dirty and stinky
  • wen im chasing it tucker cant suk on it heh heh heh


  • not reely a flying toy
  • doesnt go verry far wen throne
  • no hang time so hard to katch out of air

figger three (3): loopie

this is my loopie its not reely a flying toy eether its a water toy but we dont hav enny water in the bakyard so i just chase it and karry it arownd heer are its pros and cons


  • goze reely far when throne
  • lots of loops for eezy katching and karrying
  • bownses and rols arownd the yard


  • not reely a flying toy
  • no hang time in midair
  • not fuzzy or fleecy
  • posibly raydeeoaktiv

figger for (4): chuckit

this is chuckit its a reel flying toy with glo in the dark feet i dont play fetch in the dark so those dont do me much good oh well its made of kanvas heer ar its pros and cons ok


  • a reel flying toy
  • goze pretty farr if throne rite
  • akseptabl hang time in midair


  • kanvas dont tayst so gud
  • glo in the dark feet are a littl bit hard and bop me in the noze sumtimes
  • not so eezy to katch in midair becuz of getting bopped in noze
  • wobbls a lot wen mama throes it
  • mama keeps throwing it ovr the fens into the naybors yard

figger five (5): soft bite floppy disc

this is my nuest flying toy the soft bite floppy disc this is my favrit flying toy it flies far and strayt and is eezy to katch heer ar its pros and cons


  • goze far wen throne
  • good hang time
  • soft and eezy to katch in midair


  • klames to be a floppy disc but cant be yoosed in a compooter
  • flies so far sumtimes i kant find it

figger six (6): trouble the kitty

as yoo may no this is trouble the kitty i think she wood make a good flying toy here is why


  • after landing wood run away leeding to evn mor merry chayses
  • soft and furry
  • needs the eksersize


  • dada refyooses to throw her
  • not reely a flying toy
  • is armd and danjerus

in konkluzhon this has been a skolarly treetis on flying toyz in wich we diskusd verryus kinds of toyz that fly or dont fly and can be throne chased and kawt pleez stay tooned for my next skolarly treetis wich will be abowt toyz that yoo can play tug with such as ropes and lether leeds and kitties (just kidding trouble ha ha) ok bye

11 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on flying toyz

  1. a very helpful review, dennis. based on your scientific work, i believe the floppy disc would be the best gift for cody bear this spring.
    nice job. very scientific. good qualitative analysis.


  2. Dennis,
    Your article sounds very scientific. No one will ever call you a country bumpkin again. You sound just like a professor teaching his college class.


  3. Dear Dennis,
    I work with your grammy the nurs. I have read many research studies and yours is definately the most useful one I have seen. Keep up the good work – and give your grammy a big wet kiss when she comes to visit you soon!!


  4. Thank you Dennis for your article! Now I know what Vizslas like to chase (even though I too refuse to throw kitty).

    But on a different note, since you’re getting into the whole scholarly treatises thing, any chance you’d like to write my college papers so I can have more time to spend with Loki? =)

    Dennis says: oh thank yoo loki i wood be glad to rite your paprs for yoo ar they stiklrs for spelling and grammr tho i hope not ennyway mama sez i cant do it becuz she duznt let her stoodents write paprs for eech other teechers alwayz spoyl the fun ok bye


  5. I love you sientifikly sownd artikl. I see a lot of research has gone into it. I’ll have to tell Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky that all of their soft stuffed squeaky toys are not very good for throwing and catching.


  6. Mom has bought me a few sukky man toys but since I gut them in a matter of hours i don’t get them anymore. I need to bug my parents to buy the other toys for me. I haven’t tried any of those and since you’ve done all the fakt finding maybe now I can talk my parents into getting them. I do have a kitty but it’s from Fat Cat Inc.

    Your analysis has Nobel Prize all over it!


  7. Hey, wanna start a club? Dog Scientists or something? We could help each other with experiments and stuff. I’m working on one about which kinds of poop taste good and which don’t. So far, they all do, which seems pretty statistically significant to me.


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