dadas scarry vampire buk is owt

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog becuz i am mor popyoolr then he is dada askd me to let evrybuddy no that his scarry vampire buk is owt now and his next buk will be coming owt in a fyoo weeks that wun is not scarry it is a fantasi buk abowt a dragon i think a dragon wood make a gud flying toy eksept it breeths fire wich mite be paynful ennyway dada sez if yoo dont like scarry buks ware bad things happn yoo shoodnt reed the vampire buk but yoo mite like the dragon wun i cant turn pajes becuz i dont hav thums so i gess i wont be reeding eyther wun i mite choo them up tho ok bye

4 thoughts on “dadas scarry vampire buk is owt

  1. It’s amazing you took the picture for the front cover–it looks very professional!!!

    Jim says: Thanks Gina! I’m not noted for my photography skills (that would be my father, mother, and brother) but I manage to get a good one now and then. 🙂

    Of course, for the Dragon Stones cover, I wasn’t able to take a picture of an actual dragon, but I think it worked out okay. 😉


  2. wow dennis! congrats to your dada! getting a book published must be the coolest thing!
    i think the books sound great and cody bear thinks they sound delicious!


  3. Dennis – Hope your dad’s book is a success. Will you be going with him on the book signing tour? If you make it to the Detroit area you can stop in and play with me in my yard!!!


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