(Back) Pillow Talk

So we have a small back pillow that, from the moment he first saw it, Dennis has coveted. Whenever he gets the chance, he steals it and carries it around the house. We thought he wanted it for a toy; but the other day he stole it yet again, dropped it on the floor, used his paw to roll it under his chin, and did this with it:

So now we think he just wants it with him in case he decides to take a little nap.

7 thoughts on “(Back) Pillow Talk

  1. Too cute! We have a throw blanket on our front couch that is Zoe’s favorite thing to grab, even if all of her toys are laying around, whenevery somebody comes over or her dad comes home. She gets yelled at everyday….I’m thinking she knows better and is just stubborn at this point!


  2. That pillow looks nice Dennis. I steal mom & dads couch pillows when they are not looking and when they leave I snooze on the nice leather couch that I’m not allowed on when they are home. One day I thought Dad had left but he was only in the den ….. he caught me ….. he gave me a time out on the floor. OOPS! Mom was kind enough to get me my own blanket to carry around and snuggle up in on my beds. I wuf her!


    PS – I still don’t have a cool agility coat like you but I’m workin on it. Does the jacket get you lots of chicks?

    Dennis says: hello rocket yes the chiks dig the kote but i cant kwite remembr what wun duz with chiks for sum reeson …


  3. Dennis is growing up and getting smarter than ever. Now is is using a pillow for a pillow. When you first got him, he would have chewed that thing up in little pieces and blamed it on Trouble. Remember?

    Dennis says: what do yoo meen i nevr chood ennything up it was the gofers from the yard i tell you!!!


  4. Hi Rocket! Dennis gets lots of compliments on his coat at agility class. Someone thought he looked like a racehorse with it. Dennis highly recommends an Obtrack coat to any vizsla doing agility on chilly nights! : )


  5. Dennis–
    I also read the study showing that cervical support helps you breathe better. I believe the pillow goes under the back of your neck, not your chin.


    Dennis says: wot is servikl support i heer my dada tawk abowt supporting servrs sumtimes is it like that ok bye


  6. He looks like a very comfy dog, + I can’t see any chew marks so he looks like a very good boy too

    Jim says: Dennis is a very good boy, although he does require supervision … 😉


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