Get Out Of My Face

Since we’ve been giving Trouble clavamox for her tooth extractions, she’s taken to sleeping in her box instead of her cat cup, perhaps thinking that we (a) won’t be able to find her or (b) won’t be able to give her the antibiotics when she’s in there. It doesn’t work, of course; nothing deters my wife from torturing my kitty — umm, I mean, administering medication as directed!*

“Can’t a girl hide in her box without having someone lift the door and shove an eyedropper down her throat?”

*Always, always, always finish your course of antibiotics!

7 thoughts on “Get Out Of My Face

  1. Misty does the same at bath time, behind the lounge or under the dining table thinking she is out of reach or unfindable


  2. Aww! Hey, at least you can find Trouble when you need to. I can never find Glitter and end up tearing apart the house to give her the Metronidazole for her belly ache. Seems like she only comes out to torture Loki anyway.


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