New Labor-Saving Device Available!

Greetings, people who have kitchens! Are you tired of always having to wash your kitchen towels, only to have them get dirty again the very next day? Are you constantly having to take one towel down and put another one in its place? Well we have a solution for you — the Vizsl-A-Matic 9000! This miraculous new device is always on the job! As soon as its patented, ultra-sensitive air sniffing device detects that your kitchen towels have accumulated food residue, it will detach from its charging base (the Vizsl-A-Lap, sold separately) and lick into action. Before long your towels will be perfectly clean. You’ll never struggle with armloads of dirty kitchen towels again!

The Vizsl-A-Matic 9000 comes with a variety of attachments, enabling it to get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and give them the most thorough cleaning they’ve had in years! Besides kitchen towels, the Vizsl-A-Matic 9000 works on:

  • Countertops!
  • Dining room tables!
  • Kitchen sinks!
  • Pantries & cabinets!
  • Garbage cans!
  • Refrigerators!
  • Ovens and ranges! (Must be cool first — very important!)
  • Dishes, bowls, and cups!
  • That space under the dishwasher where mysterious stuff accumulates and never gets cleaned up!

So don’t delay, get your Vizsl-A-Matic 9000 today, and leave the cleaning to us!

The Vizsl-A-Matic Hard At Work*

* Aerosmith soundtrack sold separately

8 thoughts on “New Labor-Saving Device Available!

  1. Got one already! but I’ll put the word out to others to see if they’d like to buy one. They are definatly better than Ronco or Acme devices.

    Obviously the cooking is good at your place!


  2. I have three compact ones, different brand names. The same as Ginas.

    I can’t hear any aerosmith. The decibals must be past my hearing range.

    Jim says: It’s the song “Cryin'”, playing in the background. It’s pretty faint and to be honest I wasn’t sure anyone would make it out, which is why at first I didn’t have the “Aerosmith soundtrack sold separately” note at the bottom. My wife didn’t even notice it until she saw it mentioned in the other comments and went back for another listen. Here’s hoping I don’t get a nastygram from the RIAA …


  3. I have an older model Poodlomatic but the only thing it cleans is the dog bowl.
    Speaking of Bowls Dennis, where’s your Pug Bowl 2008 entry. I’m eager to see it.

    Dennis says: pug bowl whats that duz it involv having my pikchoor taken im afrayd of camras they make weerd noyses and brite lites i think dada shood rite a scarry story abowt evil camras ok bye

    Jim says: We’re working on it … as soon as we can figure out a way to do it without terrorizing Dennis too much! 😉


  4. I think from looking at some other entries & mine that Dogs, Bowls, cameras & terror are inextricably linked & completely inseperable. 🙂


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