their heer

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog yoo may wunder why i am wispering well last nite sum peepl came to the howse unlike most peepl hoo come over they had lots of weerd littel bags on weelz and they moovd rite in to a kupl of rooms mama and dada ar calling them mom and dad and auntie i didnt no mama and dada had there own mama and dada and i dont no what an auntie is but her weerd bag smeld like cookees so i rooted arownd in it a littel ennyway i dont no whats going on but its a littel scarry so i cant tawk much i hav to sneek away and hide before they get up ok bye

7 thoughts on “their heer

  1. Dennis, if you’re good, I think you might get a cookie or two. Just sit right in front of them with your “hungry” look. I know they are okay people because your mama and dada like them.


  2. Aw Dennis! They’re good people. They’re your grandma and grandpa and great-aunt! Loki’s grandma and grandpa spooooil him. They used to give him human food which made me grumble so now they only give him fruits. They also buy him lots of toys and chew thingies! Just look cute and they’ll spoil you too =)


  3. Sometimes I find it unnerving having house guests myself… and I’m a human! It will be alright. Just sniff about and be friendly and they can’t help but love you.


  4. Hmmmm…. Grandparents
    Be vewwy careful Dennis not to upset them…
    They will love you lots I’m sure
    I love you & I’ve only seen you in pictures & videos.


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