9 thoughts on “Ninja Hedgehogs!!!

  1. dennis, in the immortal words of eddie murphy in bowfinger…”keepittogetherkeepittoghetherkeepittogether.”
    ignore the hedgehog voices in your head.

    Jim says: We loved Bowfinger! Great reference! 🙂


  2. dere Dennis
    U an I know they ar evrywher.
    Momma wan to no how to put my picher up. It is me an my turkee toy wha Tia mad quiet.
    Momma sez we mite be in San Deeeggo in November so we can met at feeesta island.
    ur frend robbie

    Jim says: Hi Robbie! Is your momma talking about a little image to go with her comments, like Goodbear’s avatar?


  3. Avatar. Dat a new wurd. I tink dat what momma wantz, yes. bye 4 now robbie

    Jim says: I’m pretty sure that to get an avatar here you have to sign up for a WordPress account. Then, in your account settings, you can upload a picture to be used as your avatar. I don’t think you can get an avatar via OpenID or any of the other options. (You can create a WordPress account without actually writing a blog, although blogging is pretty fun too. 😉


  4. My dear Dennis –

    Medications, shmedications. All great discoveries begin in the imagination. Just because great discoveries haven’t yet pertained to ninja hedgehogs on the ceiling doesn’t mean they couldn’t. I think you’re on to something here.

    Yrs. truly,


  5. Oh my! No that explains Cosmo’s howling last night in the back yard … he must have seen some flying ninja hedgehogs! LOL!


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