home alone

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog last nite mama and dada went owt to a place calld the arther murry stoodyo for dans lessens they go there evry week and yoosully i go in my krate well this time i didnt go in my krate insted those three howsgests grammy grampy and auntie stayd home with me it was verry verry weerd beeing home withowt mama and dada arownd i didnt no what to do so first i wood bark at auntie then i wood wine then i wood pase arownd the living room and wine sum mor then i wood go to the windo to look for there kar then i wood bark at auntie again becuz i wuz pretty shoor it was her fawlt mama and dada wernt home finally mama and dada came bak and reskewed me and i wuz happy agin i thawt maybe auntie had disposd of them sumhow but i wuz wrong ………. for now

i gess it was gud to be owt of my krate with grammy grampy and auntie they arnt so bad they play fetch with me and giv me treets and the kitchn smells yummi when they are working in it but stil i wood rather hav mama and dada home with me these other peepel seem a little shifty espeshly that socalled auntie we will see if they are reely as nice as evryone sez they are ok bye

2 Comments on “home alone

  1. Mom told me that her and dad tried dance lessons when they first met but they didn’t have time to go out to the dance places and practice so they forgot all the steps.

    They both love music and leave the jazz station on the radio when they leave the house. Momma will come home and dance me around the living room. I wuf it when she does that.


  2. Now Dennis, Auntie is okay. Try not to get too nervous the next time you have dogsitters. It’s better than being crated and alone.


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