9 thoughts on “Get Off My Lawn!

  1. Hey Tucker – Are those grey hairs on your face?

    Tucker says: What?! Well in MY day we didn’t worry about things like who’s got grey hair all over their muzzles and feet! We respected our elders and brought them yummy treats and piggy ears in exchange for learning their wisdom! Hint hint!!!


  2. I hear ya Tucker. Did you think Dennis heard you?

    Tucker says: I doubt it! That young whippersnapper is too busy running around in the back yard playing fetch to listen to good advice!!!


  3. Awwww our mum has come over a bit teary because she LOVES senior citizens with their silver clothes on. And their tetchy yes curmudgeonly opinions. Our dear nana cleo died 2 years ago at 15 and mum still misses her. And her always happy tail.And her me me me me attitude.

    Redgirls say ok mum enough.


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