Mr. Green Feets

So here’s a shot of Dennis relaxing on the chaise lounge (pre-repair) after a long day of doing doggie things. The astute observer will notice that the bottoms of his feet are a lovely shade of green. Can you guess why? Take the quiz!

A) Dennis’s transformation from his alter ego, “The Incredible Hulk”, remains incomplete.
B) Dennis’s St. Patrick’s Day makeup hasn’t fully worn off yet
C) Dennis is a punk rocker
D) Dennis has worn himself out playing fetch on newly-mown grass in the back yard
E) Dennis is a leprechaun
F) Dennis is half alien (think Burt’s baby on Soap)
G) He’s been standing in Green Stuff
H) All of the above

13 thoughts on “Mr. Green Feets

  1. Wow are those big green feet? I thought they were big green skis. I just thought you put your feet in your bowl with the green goo.

    Jim says: That’s a good one! I should add it to the quiz!


  2. there’s no one like you dennis. even if your feet weren’t green.
    cody bear wants to know if they smell like mint…

    Jim says: When Dennis is tired, his feet smell like Fritos. Otherwise they smell like what he’s been walking in, which may or may not be pleasant …


  3. All of the above. However I think D is the most likey culprit. The question is, what did dad look like when you were done running him across the lawn?

    P.S. It’s still too cold in Michigan to be mowing lawns! We’re still “defrosting”.


  4. Cute! I think Dennis may be an alien though. I’m convinced the entire V breed are aliens after observing many similarities between them and Disney’s Stitch!


  5. Definitely D I reckon, please send my $500 prize to me via my Paypal account, Thank you in advance:)

    Also just a side point: Missy-Moo being such a Poodle of Distinction would be shocked:( so If Dennis is gunna pose like that for pics he should have his underpants on, BROWN ones would really suit a Big Brown Blog Dog like him.

    Jim says: Dennis is like one of those Hollywood starlets — he doesn’t believe in undergarments! 😉


  6. Hey wait, Loki’s feet smell like Fritos when he’s sleeping too – I thought I was insane for thinking that! Either way, my husband thinks I’m insane for smelling Loki’s feet, but it’s not my fault when he sticks them right in my face while we’re watching a movie. Maybe inhaling is insane though…

    Jim says: Vizslas are notorious for having Frito paws. My wife claims it’s even mentioned in The Versatile Vizsla although I have yet to find it in there!


  7. you, my friend rebecca and i are the only folks i know that understand that fritopaws smell!!

    that’s how we know its dog bath time!

    Dennis says: hay woa their nobody sez the “b” word!


  8. Dennis, Jonesy is posting a 6 word memoir and he is going to tag you. I know you have all your memoirs written down and it should be a snap for you. I hope you can play. Come by and see what Jonesy has written about you.

    Dennis says: shoor i like to play it mite be a kuple dayz before i get my mem … memo … my notes together tho ok bye


  9. From stepping on Leprechauns on St. Patty’s day as he was running across the freshly mowed lawn, chasing down an incredible hunk of an owner (who, I don’t think is a punk rocker, but who knows? may be his alter ego) ??? Just a thought.

    I found your website thru 4urpets. Very cute. Wow, you did an incredible job with a dog who looked awfully sick when you found him. He looks great now. Even with green feet.

    So, does your carpet have green footprints on it now? Just wondering. 🙂

    Little Behr Behr 🙂

    Dennis says: hello behr behr hay thats a gud wun abowt stepping on the lep … leprek … the littel green men did you no they taste like cornd beef and cabbaj ha ha ennyway it is nice to meet yoo hope to see yoo agin ok bye


  10. My dear Dada o’ Dennis,

    The leprechaun hypothesis is intriguing.

    However, acute greening of the feet is an exercise-induced condition accompanied by a temporary loss of Frito aroma.

    Next case, please.

    Yrs. truly,



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