well hello mr fancypants

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess whut i herd mama and dada tawking with there howsegests abowt tucker and it turns out tucker isnt even his reel name his reel name is adrians velvet charmer and not only that he wuz wunce on the bak cover of a vizsla magazine i fownd this pikcher on dadas hard drive its not verry kleer but im pretty shoor its him


i dont no wut all those numbers meen but gosh i wish i had a fancy name like that i herd sumbody suggest lake elsinores canyon wanderer but that brings bak bad memries so i dont reely like that wun oh well i gess i will stik with beeing calld dennis the constitutional peasant ok bye

6 thoughts on “well hello mr fancypants

  1. Wow that is a fancy name! But it would be hard to call him that all the time. I like Tucker.

    Dennis says: yes tucker is a much easier name hay i wunder if hes in witness protekshun i hope i didnt blow is cover or maybe i hope i did ha ha ok bye


  2. Tucker is obviously a “charmer”. He charmed his way into mom & dad’s life and he charmed them into keeping you Dennis. Don’t mess with old age and trechery ….. you’ll never win!


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