poor trouble

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog this is just a kwik note to let yoo no that trouble the kitty is bak at the vetnamese she hasnt been acting rite the last few days she let me sniff her agin which was fun but weerd the nice vetnamese lady did bludwurk on trouble and it turns owt her “bun” is high its not the kind of bun yoo can eet either and her cre … creat … “creatinine” has tripled since a kuple weeks ago she mite be dehidrated or she mite be having kidney problems so lets all hope sum flooids and laksative will help her feel better and come home agin she is cranky but i like her she smells like tuna

also i want to retrakt my comment about auntie beeing shifty she is akchooally the nice wun she stayd home with me today to play fetch and giv me a lap wile mama and dada wurk and grammy and grampy go to the mithical town of ramona to luk at sumthing calld “sterreo vyoos” at the antike stor i gess yoo luk thru speshal lenzes and see a pickhoor in 3d persunally id rather hav scratchandsniff “smelly-o vyoos” but maybe thats just me ennyway it turns out grammy and grampy are the shifty wuns they put me in my krate yesturday wen they went owt wile mama and dada wer gone i hope auntie stays a wile longer so i kan play with her insted of going in my krate sownds like a plan doesnt it ok bye