their gawn

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well today grammy grampy and auntie left to go bak to the mithical land of noo york it terns owt they wer all prety nice even tho they did put me in my krate a fyoo times they also playd fetch with me and made yummy food in the kitchin it seems yoo can mayk food from ingreedyents insted of from a boks from the freezr hoo new? ennyway they sed they will be bak nekst yeer so i gess i will be seeing them agin i think thatll be gud ok bye

3 thoughts on “their gawn

  1. An agility star like you in your ‘smokin’ jacket in New York City. Oh Dennis, you’d be a star for sure and you could meet HRM Briztow Jones! and go hunting with the Regal crew. What an adventure I’m sure you would have.


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