What’s In A (Nick) Name?

So the other day while I was talking with the vet about Trouble, I referred to her (the cat, not the vet) as “Trudy”. Momentarily confused, the vet said, “Oh … I thought her name was Trouble?” I told the vet that “Trudy” was one of Trouble’s nicknames, and we went on with our conversation. That got me thinking, though, about just how many nicknames our animals have, and whether or not other people’s pets have nicknames too.

Anyway, just to prevent any future confusion, here are all of the various names by which we might refer to our various pets, along with etymology (if both non-obvious and available) and use-case scenarios.


Adrian’s Velvet Charmer (AKA Tucker)


  • Tuckito
  • Tuckeet (almost always used to signify that he’ll be getting food or some other goodie, and therefore, always evoking a snappy response)
  • Tuck (usually used when he’s in trouble [i.e., often])
  • Roo (after his bark; also we think he looks a little bit like Roo from Winnie The Pooh. Used more often than his real name.)
  • Rooster (also used more often than his real name)
  • Little Man
  • Mister or Little Mister
  • Mr. Cuddle-Pup
  • Mr. Annoying Man (used mostly, but not exclusively, by Dada)
  • Monkey or Monkey-Man or Mr. Monkey-Man
  • Punkin (corruption of “Pumpkin” [Tucker was born on Halloween])
  • Munkin (combination of “Monkey” and “Punkin”)
  • Munkin-Punkin (because it rhymes; often used in the context of a variant of the Oompa-Loompa song, i.e., “Munkin Punkin Munkedy-Doo, I have a little vizsla named Roo; Munkin-Punkin Munkedy-Dee, he has a sister, her name’s Trixie”)
  • Punkie or Punk-Punk
  • Goofball or Goofy-Goof-Boy (used by Dada, but never by Mama)
  • Thumper (from his tail thumping against the wall when he wags it)
  • Pickle (he likes to eat pickles; plus Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite films and “Pickle” is the name by which Shaun’s mother refers to him)
  • Mr. Frito Feet (obvious derivation; used when he is sleepy)
  • Trash Hound (no explanation needed …)
  • The Boy




  • Trixie-Doodles (probably from the snack food Dipsy Doodles, although we never eat those)
  • Doodles
  • Doods (used more often than her real name; those not in the know sometimes mistake it for “dudes” and think we’re referring to all the dogs collectively)
  • Doodlebug
  • Doodlemeyer (from the scene where Alec Baldwin’s character in Beetlejuice mistakenly refers to Michael Keaton’s character as “that guy, Beetlemeyer”)
  • Doodlemeyer-Furcolator (from a fictional invention, the “Hunkelmeyer-Furcolator”, created by my friend Chris; I have never been quite sure what this device is supposed to do, or even if it’s an actual device or something else, like a fictitious physics constant or something)
  • Woolly Girl
  • Bleah-Bleah (from a noise she makes when she’s trying to get the other dogs to play)
  • The Girl (not to be confused with that other The Girl)




  • Trubs
  • Trudy (used more often than her real name)
  • Tradoo
  • Trudinkydoo
  • Twitch (her tail twitches when she’s annoyed [i.e., constantly])
  • Miss Bushytail (her tail often puffs out like a pipe cleaner when something startles her)
  • Baroo (after a noise she makes when she wants attention)
  • Winky-Blinky
  • Kitty (natch)


Pooh Bear (deceased)


  • Pooh (used more often than her full name)
  • Poohbie
  • Padoo
  • Puffball
  • Meh (that’s what her meow sounded like)
  • Kay-Kay or Kay-Kay-Pooh (I have no idea where this came from)
  • Puddlegulp (after one of the Frogs of Central Park; I have no idea how it got associated with the cat. Only used by Dada.)
  • Floyd (after the robot from the old Infocom game Planetfall; upon his arrival in a scene, Floyd would always announce himself by saying “Floyd here now!”, whereas Pooh would announce herself by meowing [see “Meh”, above])
  • Kitty (natch, again)




  • Dennisimo
  • Froggy or Kermit (he often sits with his legs sticking out to the side like a frog)
  • Puddin’ Pop (no particular reason that I can think of)
  • Tigger (because he has springs in his feet)
  • Woo-Woo (after his bark)
  • Booja-Booja-Boo (this started out as sounds we would make to get him to give kisses, but it evolved into a nickname)
  • Pooky
  • The Other Boy
  • D-Man

As you can see, Dennis is somewhat lacking in the nickname department, but that’s just because he’s new. Eventually he’ll have a big long list of nicknames too!

18 thoughts on “What’s In A (Nick) Name?

  1. I have so many nicknames for my dogs that I would have to post about it.

    I’ll give you one each

    Jonesy: Little Manser (little man)
    Sissy: Girlfriend (because she is)
    Tinky: Tinky Winky

    Jonesy and Sissy: The Likkibutt Twins

    I think we are all sick


  2. Whoa! That’s quite a lot of nicknames there!

    The Evil Fred = Fred or Freddie
    George Bofur = Bofur or Goof

    I refer to them together as “boys.”

    My dog (now deceased) was named Abby but I called her puppy all of the time even though she weighed 80#


  3. Mandy:
    Man-Man we call her this more than Mandy
    Man–a shorter version of Man-Man
    fat girl–because she is very overweight
    Amanda Rose (her full name) when she’s in trouble

    Tuff-Tuff this is what I call him all the time
    Tuff a shortened version of Tuff Tuff
    Bo or BoBo short for boy
    Tussy his daddy calls him this and it has caught on with me too
    Baby only I call him this because he’s my baby
    Sassy because he is

    Chloe: (deceased) just about the only thing we ever called her was Coco which was short for Chloe


  4. ok, cody bear:
    cinnamon bun (all nick names with bun are derivatives of this)
    bun man
    burger bun (likes hamburgers)
    nug nug
    bergdorf bergbun
    sweet stuff
    fluff n stuff
    baron von smelly bottom (don’t ask!)


  5. Mom calls me the following names. I don’t know why I have so many? I guess it depends on what I’m doing at any given moment.

    Rocket Man: typical, used often
    Rocket Monster: when there is a mess on the floor, especially my toys
    Little Boy: when I’m getting/giving cuddles
    Mr. Mischevious; usually when I’m running around with something I snuk out of the laundry pile

    There are a few others but the FCC might shut down your blog if I mention them.

    Rocket Man


  6. Kapu: 11 year old vizsla female aka Pooh, Poo.poo, Pooda, Poodie, Ho (she has a secret life) Doodie, Kaputa, Mamas

    Dende: 7 year vizsla male aka Dinnie, DD, Weanus, Wee-wee, Shutup

    Jane: aka J, JJ, Fat-Fat, Jaybo, Jay-mamas, The Jack Russell Terrorist

    Hunter: aka Old Man (he was rescued at 11) and Harry (he looks like my Dad and Harrison Ford), Buck


  7. Nope. Not just you folks. You are in good, loony, company when it comes to nicknames. <;-)

    The Tortie and The Aged each had their own and then they had a couple of collective nicknames.

    Monkey-Man or Monkey-Cat was also one of The Aged’s. When he was not so aged, he used to run up the stairs and leap at and grab the door frame and swing into the bedroom. Just like Tarzan!


  8. I do have an occasional original thought, but I am most definitely going to steal this one. Its just too darn funny!

    Jim says: LOL … steal away! The Web is all about cross-pollination … 😉


  9. i’m back. i’ve only had pickles for a month, but here are her nick names:
    pick pick
    picky poo
    schmicky schmoo
    beetle breath

    she’ll have more in a few months, i’m sure.


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