im an ontropronoor

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i herd that the guvnor is giving evrybuddy a taks refund so i wanted to say too things furst i want to say “thanks guvnor” and second i want to let evrywun no what i am going to do with my taks refund i am going to start my own small bizness selling pig powder

as yoo can see my pig powder prevents and cures diseezes it duz this by deh … dehyd … by taking all the water owt of pigs and powltry redoosing them to powder later on yoo can add water and the powder will turn back into an animal so just imajin yoo ar owt sumware and yoo get hungry yoo take owt a littel bit of pig powder just add water and then you hav instant bacon or ham or even yummy pig eerz mmmmmmmmmmmm i luv pig eerz

oh sorry i got distrakted thinking abowt pig eerz ennyway i hav a three poynt plan for making my bizness a suksess so the guvnor will not be sorry he gave me taks munny i got this plan from sum top notch bizness consultents i fownd them on the internet so i no they must be gud and repyootable ennyway heer is my three poynt plan

  1. turn pigs and powltry into powder
  2. ?
  3. profit!!!!!!!

as yoo can see this plan is foolproof soon i will hav so much munny i will be able to buy my krate away from mama and dada and then i will pay a larj man to destroy it with a hammur also i will be able to pay a ransom to the ninja hedjhogs so they leev me alone and finally ill be able to buy that pet rat ive always wanted i can hardly wait ok bye

11 thoughts on “im an ontropronoor

  1. Dennis – this plan is excellent! you did outstanding research with your highly paid & educated consultants. Once your business is up & running let me know how much it would be to buy into and I’ll help you franchise out into this part of the country. We’ll split the pig ears!

    Rocket Man


  2. My dear Dennis,

    Will you be recruiting a CTO to refine this sophisticated manufacturing process? I may know someone.

    Self-referentially yrs.,


    Dennis says: hello b3 thanks for the offur i think we cood definitely yooze a sientist such as yoo hav yore peepel call my peepel ok bye


  3. The underpants gnomes rock! Business experts par excellence!

    Dennis says: i hope so i shoor payed enuf for there advice lets just say dada wil be going commando tomorrow ha ha ok bye


  4. WOW! You are smart! If this takes off are you going to sell franchises! I bet we could sell some pig powder here and amybe you could even modify your stuff and we could make cow powder, bacon flavored treat power, ….. the possibilities!


  5. I’d like to pre- order some pig/chicken powder too. Imagine the fun you could have with it. Chuck a heap into a public swimming pool & watch the kiddies scream. Secretly mix some into a jar of instant coffee. Ha Ha 🙂 imagine a pig trying to get outta a coffee mug. That would be a good joke to play on my Mother-in-Law

    Jim says: Note to self: When having coffee at Taz’s house, verify that sugar is really sugar before adding to cup.


  6. What about Fly Powder to put in soup at restaraunts, then you can say “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!!!” I always wanted to say that to a waiter.

    Jim says: “Waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup?” Waiter says: “The back-stroke?” RIMSHOT


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