skunkalishus too

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot the skunk came arownd agin last nite yoo may remember that the last time the skunk stopd by my sister trixie the chow-shepherd hoggd all the nice skunk spray for herself well she did it agin she and tucker charjd owt in the middel of the nite barking tucker didnt get enny of the yummy skunk joos tho just trixie its not fare that she gets to have all the fun but then agin mama was pretty mad at trixie and tucker for running owtside like that

becuz it was too late to give trixie a bath she had to stay owt the hole nite mama sed if trixie wants to play with the skunk then she can sleep with the skunk so maybe im glad i stayd in the nice warm bed the skunk smels nice but id rather cuddel mama and dada than the skunk

today mama got home erly and gave trixie a bath with her speshul skunk remover and then washed her with baby powdur shampoo and then she rubbed trixie all over with branches from the rosemerry bush so now trixie smels like a skunk that rolld arownd in talkum powder and then got into the spice cabinet oh wel at leest she got to come back in the howse and i bet mama will lok her in after dark this time ha ha ok bye

8 thoughts on “skunkalishus too

  1. oh yuck! We have a skunk or two inour neighborhood & I always run the other way if I smell them. We’ve never “met” them yet, but they must have sprayed in our front yard one day and Zoe walked through it. Our whole house & garage stunk for days! Gag!!!


  2. Oooh, what an adventure everyone had at your house! And it’s the second time? You would think Trixie would have learned the first time.

    We have all kinds of critters where I live (crows, rabbits, squirrels, all kinds of birds, lizards, even a coyote or two), but I haven’t seen or smelled a skunk yet. That skunk would cremate all three of my Chihuahuas in one fell swoop!

    Jim says: It’s the second time that Dennis knows of, but it’s at least the fourth time Trixie’s gotten skunked. That’s why mama gave her a new nickname, “Pea Brain”. (Tucker’s new nickname is “Idiot” but I don’t expect it to stick.)


  3. “now trixie smels like a skunk that rolld arownd in talkum powder and then got into the spice cabinet”

    THAT would smell very interesting.


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