Vizsla Fest 08: The Aftermath

They say a tired dog is a good dog. Meet three good dogs (and one human who is pretty okay, too).

Sleepy Trixie

Sleepy Dennis

Sleepy Tucker

Sleepy Mrs. You’re-Not-Putting-My-Picture-On-Your-Blog

3 Comments on “Vizsla Fest 08: The Aftermath

  1. Aw, do they wrap themselves up in a blanket like that or do you guys tuck them in?

    Jim says: Yes. 😉 If the blanket is on Tucker’s bed he’ll root his way underneath it. Dennis is the same way. Otherwise we’ll cover them up and tuck them in. Vizslas have short fur — they need their blankies!


  2. I tuck my chihuahuas in too…they have short hair too.
    Looks like my Saturday!


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