my siens projekt

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may hav herd my pig powder bizness is a hyooj suksess i have made billyuns and billyuns of dollers from it just look heer

now that im independently welthy i hav ben luking for sumthing to do with my munny wel ive herd that sum rich peepel use there munny to promote spays eksplorashun so i thawt i mite do sumthing like that but before i reveel the detales of what im going to do i will need to get a kroo together heer are the kroo members i hav lined up so far

first there is my sister trixie she will be the security offiser becuz she has the biggest teeth ive ever seen plus rite now she can overpower enemees just with her skunky odor

next there is my brudder tucker he will be the protocol offiser becuz he is an effete whiner just like the famus protocol droyd c3po in fact i will make him ware a c3po owtfit dooring the mishun

ha ha im just kidding i dont hav aksess to a c3po owtfit ennyway i still need more kroo i need a siens offiser the obvius choyse for that wood be buster brown the sientific vizsla he is cto of my pig powder company rite now he is working on peersing stare reserch but i am hopeful he can tayk a brayk for this mishun besides the siens offiser i also need a navigater an enjineer a pilot and a com … commun … radio offiser

i cant tell yoo too much abowt my projekt yet becuz first my kroo memberz hav to sine a nondisklozure agreement i dont no wot that is but just tawking abowt it makes my loyer (i hired him away from trouble the kitty) get so eksited he just abowt wets himself wunce the mishun is underway my kroo members can file there own reports on there own blogs thru the speshul com … commun … radio geer that the radio offiser will run

ennywun hoo is intrested in joyning my kroo pleez let me no i will keep an i on the comments oh did i menshun theez are unpade posishuns but im shoor evrywun hoo joyns the mishun will mayk millyuns in speakers fees wunce they get bak

oh by the way im not akchooally going on the mishun myself i need to run the pig powder bizness but i will be in tuch with the kroo and tucker and trixie will file reports with me i am putting trouble the kitty in charj of the public relashuns since she is so persunable ha ha she will make shoor evrywun nos wot is going on ennyway it will be a verry eksiting and edookashunal mishun oh and of korse it will be perfectly safe however my loyer duz hav sum paperwurk for the kroo to sine he is verry eksited about this paperwurk it sez sumthing like yoo wont soo the pig powder bizness if yoo get killd or mamed or lost forever but of korse thats just silly legal boylerplate ok bye

9 thoughts on “my siens projekt

  1. Hunter could do communications. He says “mama” for a biscuit.

    Dennis says: okey dokey we hav owr com … commyun … our radio offiser!


  2. I would love a position! I’ll take whatever is available.

    Dennis says: okay rocket sinse yoo ar named rocket i think yoo wood make a gud pilot so yoo ar hired see yoo abord wunse we get the rest of the kroo ok bye


  3. Dear Dennis,

    I’m glad your business is doing so well. I have to say, however, I still have not received my order for “pig powder” even though I pre-ordered. I feel a bit put out about this, but you are so cute I will forgive you for the oversight.

    Sincerely, S.Le

    Dennis says: hello nice customer i am sorry to heer that yoo hav not reseevd yore pig powder yet i will speek to the distribyootor in yore areea and make shoor your order is deliverd forthwith and posthayst ok bye


  4. cody bear is in. he is very brave and willing to try new things. and he can open doors with his nose.

    Dennis says: welkum abord cody bear i think yoo wood make a gud navigator sinse yoo and checkers hav been travling arownd the wurld lately ok bye


  5. Dennis my dog Maizy got very excited about your project. As you can see from this picture, she already is in control of alien creatures at our house.

    She has identified and subdued this odd alien:

    And if the crew is open to a non-canine member, Kif the cat would be willing to come along to help supervise and perhaps toy with any of the smaller, insectoid-like aliens found:

    Dennis says: hello maizy yoo obviusly hav gud nolledj of alien life forms i think i will giv yoo and yore sidekik kif the new position of zenobiologist to study whatever kreechers that may be enkowntered on the jurney ok bye


  6. Wow Dennis, you are a celebrity!! Count in Tuffy. He is small and stealthy.

    Dennis says: welkum abord tuffy yoo can be the enjineer becuz yoo ar small enuf to fit thru the jeffreez toobs and the other narrow areas of the enjineering sekshun ok bye


  7. hello nice reederz and potenshul kroo members its dennis the vizsla dog ok i think we hav got a good kroo lined up heer barring enny last minnit hirez i think we ar reddy to go i will soon be annownsing exactly whut the mishun is stay toond ok bye


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