jurnee to the senter of the erth

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog now that my kroo is seeted and has sined there nondisklozure agreements and relees papers i am happy to annowns owr project wich is too test my theery that all the gofer holes in the wurld are connekted and ultimatly leed to the fabled undergrownd city of the gofer king deep beneath the surfas of the erth this will be a long and diffikult jurnee for my kroo and wun that i wood happy to make with them if i did not hav to run my pig powder bizness and spend a lot of time lying next to mama however i will be keeping a close aye on my kroo via dispatches from tucker and trixie and of korse the rest of the kroo will be filing dispatches with there respectiv byooros

yoo may wunder how oh how so many brave kroo members will be able to explore theez tunnels the anser is thru min … miniat … thru shrinking them and there ship the Gofer Broke down to gofer size then they can glide eezily thru the tunnels and find there way to the lost city of the gofer king

let us meet owr brave kroo well of korse yoo alreddy no them but now they are waring yooniforms so they are even more speshul than before oh that reminds me i hav laid in a big supply of red yooniforms becuz i understand yoo can skatter them abowt and they protekt important kroo members from danjer ok with no further ado heer is our kroo

trixie is the sekurity offiser she will growl and bark at and jenerally intimidate enny gofers or other kreechers hoo may thretten the brave kroo (see the relees form)

tucker is the protocol offiser his job will be to whine and complain and panic at the first sine of trouble (not the kitty) oh also he will assist the zenobiolojers with there wurk yoosing his nolledj of varius languadjes and customs

buster b. brown is the siens offiser becuz he nos lots abowt fizziks and math and peersing stares he will be equipt with the latest in teknology for analyzing all the gofer loot that is fownd in the tunnels

rio rocket is the pilot becuz duh his name is rocket

hunter is the radio offiser becuz he tawks in ekschanj for biskuts i am not shoor if hunter has his own byooro or not but he can file dispatches heer if need be

cody bear is the navigator becuz he has taken checkers all over the playse and hasnt gotten lost yet he will be responsible for mapping the gofer tunnels and plotting the root to the gofer kings city

tuffy is the enjineer becuz he is small and can get into all the nuks and krannies ware ekwipment is and most importent he can fit thru the jeffreez toobs evrywun nos yoo cant be an enjineer if you cant fit thru the jeffreez toobs

maizy and kif are the zenobiolojists becuz they no all abowt aliens and also kifs name sownds the same as an aliens name in a tv show dada watches so their yoo go

i will be posting mor informashun abowt this mishun in the coming dayz inklooding pikchers of the scarry gofer tunnels so if ennywun else wants a chanse for glory and advenchoor sine up now ok bye

7 thoughts on “jurnee to the senter of the erth

  1. Tuffy here. I am ready, sir, and my red uniform fits perfectly. I can assure you I will be wonderful in the horizontal tubes but not so sure about the vertical ones. I am in the process of taking lessons from the great Derrick Rose here in Memphis (before he leaves) to learn vertical leaps. I will be ready, sir. Over and out.

    Dennis says: oh no no no tuffy yoo ar an important kroo member and so yoo do not get wun of the red yooniforms the red yooniforms are for the cannon fod … uhhhh, the minor kroo members hoo only show up when its time for an away mishun heer have a bloo yooniform insted ok bye


  2. Tinky, Jonesy and Sissy here. We know a lot about gophers but we haven’t caught one yet, although we try. Sissy puts her nose down the hole and mom yells at her ‘cuz mom doesn’t want Sissy’s nose bit off by the gopher.

    If you can find a job for us, we will be proud to serve. The only experience that we have is….WE KNOW WHAT A GOPHER LOOKS LIKE!

    Dennis says: gud hevns that is sumthing i didnt think of i hav never akchooally seen a gofer so i dont no wot they luk like ok tinky jonesy and sissy yoo ar in you can opurate the remote controlld explorashun drone that comes owt of the ship we will yooze it to trak down the evil gofers and uther nef … nefar … no-gud undergrownd kreechers ok bye


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