lawnch day

hello nice reederz and brave kroo members its dennis the vizsla dog today we are preparing to lawnch the good ship Gofer Broke but before we do heer are sum pikchoors to be released to media and nooz organizashuns hoo will no dowt be cuvering this historik event in there braking nooz and top stories

heer we see the misteerius entrans to the undergrownd wurld of the gofers note the wite cord this is the power reelay that is charjing up the Gofer Broke which is making an unkrood test run down the tunnel

here is a shot down the tunnel of the Gofer Broke this is the bakside of the ship yoo can see the bak of the kargo area and the twin power koils they are a varyation on the famus flux capasitor invented by doc brown the koil shape allows them to operate at 1.20 gigawatts insted of 1.21 gigawatts for a saving of 0.01 gigawatts wotever a gigawatt is also the coil shape makes it prodoos reglar propulshun insted of time travel becuz this is not a time masheen the frunt of the Gofer Broke (not shown) includes a large drill for emerjency tunneling

and of korse heer is the inventor of the shrink ray that will make this jurnee possible heer he is testing his invenshun on a yummy appel lets all giv him a big rownd of applaws

okay i see the Gofer Broke has come owt of the tunnel and ben returnd to full size so lets seet the kroo ah there we go we hav rocket the pilot, cody bear the enjineer, tucker the protocol dog, trixie the security offiser, b3 the siens offiser, hunter on radio, maizy & kiff in the zenobiology lab, tuffy down in enjineering, and tinky, jonesy, and sissy operating the uav drone verry gud i will just get on bord for a foto with the kroo trouble the kitty hoo is in charj of public relashuns will take the pikchoor heer is the camera ok evrywun poze for trouble

wot oh shoor we can mov farther back into the ship

wot farther still ok can yoo get us all in the pikchoor yet

wot even farther ok this is abowt as far bak as we kan go

hay trouble why are yoo closing the door to the ship yoo cant take a pikchoor if the door is closed and your on the owtside hunter get on the radio and call trouble and tell her to open the door ok

hay trouble why are yoo aktivating the shrink ray when im still abord im not getting shrunk i hav to stay and run my pig powder bizness

wots going on the flux capasitor enjines are starting up on there own and why is the ships compyooter meowing at us woooooooooo this ship is fast rocket can you switch the ship bak to manyual control

whew rocket got control of the ship away from the compyooter but it tuk a wile hay its all dark down heer cody bear can yoo turn on the ships front lites pleez

oh jeeperz ware are we????? trouble!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “lawnch day

  1. My dear Denni$,

    My computations indicate that if I transpose the frequency of the gigawattage from the coils by 27 megaHertz and reverse the orientation of the internal positron conveyor, I can create enough force to lift us out of the gopher hole and move us halfway around the Earth to, say, Stockholm.

    Has anyone seen my Phillips head screwdriver?

    Calculatingly yrs.,


    Dennis says: ok b3 i noo it wuz gud to hav yoo abord yoo go ahed and start wurking on that by the way wot is a phillips hed scroodriver ok bye


  2. Oh Dennis, why did you tell us we can trust cats. I’m scared.

    Dennis says: sorry tuffy i shood hav nown sumthing wuz up wen i saw her reeding “compyooter hacking for dummeez” but she told me she just wanted to lern how to brake into the starkist web site and get toona deliverd to the howse im so gullibel ok bye


  3. Oh dear I’m afraid Maizy might have eaten the phillips head screwdriver. She does that sometimes when she’s bored and left outside her crate on her own for too long.
    Does this mean the crew and Dennis are screwed?


  4. Sissy, Tinky and Jonesy here, and Houston, we have a problem. We are working on the uav drone but the thinga ma jiggy won’t turn the thing a ma bob. Jonesy is a little nervous and we are afraid that he is going to wee wee all over the twin power coils and short it out. As a safety precaution we have taken Jonesy to the other side of the Gopher Broke where he can’t do any harm. Let us know when you have everything under control.

    Over and Out and all that kinda stuff.


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