bork bork bork

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog well the roomers are troo we are bak on the surfis of the erth thanks to b3’s wurk on the flux capacitor rio rocket wuz abel to get enuf power to the life pod to tunnel owr way back to the surfas we came owt on a rocky beech wuns abuv grownd tuffy the enjinner wuz abel to revers the effekts of the min … mini … the shrink ray yoozing the enjines in the life pod and sum parts taken from the flux capacitor and he restord us to full size i think maybe he made himself a littel bigger than he wuz orijinally but he ernd it

im not shoor ware we ar but we were reskewed by a lokal man hoo livs on the shor in a small howse that appeerz to be nuthing but wun larj kitchen

i dont understand a wurd he sez but he seemz very jollee that is his pet chikn her name is marie b3 is verry eksited he keeps saying we ar in the mithical land of sweeden neer stokhome i dont no ware stokhome is eksactly but b3 seemz to think sumbuddy ther mite want to giv him sumthing

ennyway we did not find owr way to the gofer kingdum but the trip wuz not a total loss before we came bak to the surfis jonesy tinky and sissy kapchoored a gofer hoo wuz on hiz way bak from sum deep tunnelz after close eksaminashun owr zenobiolojists maizy and kif have crafted this anatomikal diagram of the gofer thay ashoor me it is as akkurate as possibel with kurrent teknolojee

i wil be inter … interr … kweschuning this gofer with the help of trixie the sekurity offiser hoo will intimidayt him with her big toofies and tucker the protocol dog hoo im told is abel to speek the gofer langwij hay tucker wot is the gofer babbling abowt now

ummmm shoor tucker wotever yoo say just get reddy to translayt im hoping the gofer kan tell us more abowt the sekret undergrownd city of the gofer king and maybe we can still get sum loot frum him but first sum rest and relaksashun heer in the mithical land of sweeden

oh by the way trouble yoo ar fired frum yore pozishun as public relashuns offiser for my pig powders company kleen owt yore litter boks ok bye

5 thoughts on “bork bork bork

  1. Yeah, that was some adventure. It is so good to be back to normal. I am a little bigger than I was but that is a good thing. Mandy is now scared of me instead of the other way around.


  2. You might check your spelling before posting you illiterate idiot.

    Dennis says: hello nice reeder hay i hav put this post thru the vizsla dog spel chek and it sez it is all fine so i am not shoor wot yoo ar tawking abowt but i dont blaym yoo for not beeing abel to recognize proper speling as i hav herd the edjookayshunal sistem leevs a lot to be dezired owt heer so its not yore fawlt it is sosietees fawlt ha ha ok bye


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